At least now I have no complaints.

Once I’m boneless with sexual satisfaction, he lets himself come. I don’t know how there’s anything left in his balls, but I will not question this delightful magic.

Sighing contentedly, he moves back to his spot beside me. He gathers me close, leaning in to kiss me hard on the mouth.

I tip my head back to grin up at him. “Well, good morning.”

“It is, isn’t it?” he remarks, a smile on his handsome face. God, I just want to bury myself in him and never come out. I feel like I deserve partial credit for putting that smile on his face, and it warms me all the way through. I snuggle closer to his incredible body and sigh contentedly.

“Any day that starts like this is a good one,” I state.

“I’ll make a note.”

“Mm, do that.” I press my mouth against his bare chest, just wanting to kiss some part of him. I hope I’m only this hungry for him because this is new. As many times as he’s fucked me in the past 12 hours, I don’t know how my body is still so desperate for more. “I have an idea,” I tell him, forcing my lips away from his skin so I can talk.

He gazes down at me with enough tenderness to melt my heart. “What’s your idea?”

“You should blow off all your responsibilities and stay here in bed with me all day. Maybe we can come out for dinner later, but other than that, nope.”

Amusement dances in his eyes. “Can’t get enough of me already, huh?”

He’s teasing, but I can’t. This is so bad. Also, when he teases me he makes it so much worse. His mischievous side does things to me. My body is already trying to convince me I should coax him back inside, but when he gets playful my heart overflows like a volcano of tenderness.

“Well, I thought it was a good plan,” I inform him.

Nodding once, he says, “It is a very tempting prospect, but I have to go make money.”

“Money is stupid. Staying here with me is a better idea.”

Mateo smirks, dropping a kiss to the corner of my mouth, then the other corner, then he claims my lips. My hand moves to his back and I pull him close as he lazily deepens the kiss, but even his half-interest is enough to get my blood pumping.

Instead of fucking me again, he pulls back. “I need to make money so I can buy you more presents.”

“I don’t need presents. Just you.”

Everything I say seems to please him today. He rewards me for this one with another deep kiss, rolling me onto my back and moving on top of me. After a few more minutes of kissing, he stops and just looks down at me, watching me.

“I need to get up. I’m already behind schedule. I’ll come back tonight. We can come to bed as early as you want. I’ll have to sneak out for bedtime stories, but I’ll come back after.”

Bedtime stories.

Just like that, my blood cools.

Bedtime stories with his kids. That he has. With Meg.

That’s right.


He isn’t mine; he’s ours.

Looking at his chest instead of his face, I ask, “How does this work, exactly? You sort of sprung the sharing thing on me when I would’ve agreed to a kidney extraction; I didn’t get to ask questions.”

Faintly amused, he remarks, “That was the idea.”

I roll my eyes lightly. He’s such a manipulator. I don’t care; I would’ve agreed to it regardless, since it’s the only way I get him. Still, I have questions and concerns. “What happens when we leave this room?”

“As many calories as we’ve surely expended, I suggest breakfast.”

I bite back a smile. “I’m serious. I’ve never done anything like this before. I have no idea what the rules are. Is Meg going to be normal?”

“Probably. She’s Meg.”

“I don’t see how she can be okay with this,” I say.

He raises an eyebrow. “You’re okay with it.”

I damn sure wouldn’t be if I had him locked down enough that he proposed to me. I probably shouldn’t say that, though. Instead I shake my head. “Meg’s a weirdo.”

“Meg’s practical. I like that about her.”

Jealousy tries so hard to emerge, but I try harder to keep it at bay. I don’t want to talk about Meg anymore. I know we’ll have to go over the realities of this situation eventually, but maybe this morning is not that time. I want to stay in my happy honeymoon bubble for a while longer.

His last comment also makes me feel a little needy. Since I don’t want to give it life with words, I just tug him back down for another kiss. It’s not like I need verification that he wants me after he’s spent all night fucking me, but I still like having it. I want him to fuck me again.