“Who do we have here?” I asked, walking around my desk. I leaned on it and crossed my arms over my chest.

The woman looked me up and down. She seemed to like what she saw by the way her eyes slightly widened.

She met my eyes and held them. “I’m Erin.”

Erin reached up to take off her mask, revealing a face more beautiful than I was expecting. Her green eyes were fathomless. I felt myself growing a little lost looking into them.

Clearing my throat, I pointed to a chair. “Please sit.”

Erin complied, gracefully sinking into the plush chair.

“Would you like anything to drink?” I asked, pointing to the bar cart we kept in the office.

“I just had one downstairs, but thank you for the offer,” Erin replied. Even her voice was lovely. “I actually came up here because I was curious about what goes on in the basement. Jackson said he was in charge.”

“Actually, we both are,” I said. I walked toward Erin and put out my hand. She stood up and took my hand, shaking it. Her skin was so warm and smooth, and the feel of it against mine made my hand tingle. “I’m Caleb.”

“Nice to meet you, Caleb,” she said, giving me a wry smile. “I’m curious about what makes the Underground so exclusive.”

“It definitely isn’t for everyone,” Jackson said, chuckling and joining us over at the relaxing chairs we kept in the office.

“Okay,” Erin said with some suspicion. She was right to be suspicious.

“We have to personally assess everyone before they’re invited downstairs,” Jackson said. He had that smirk of his plastered across his face.

I touched her arm and said, “I don’t know if it’s a scene for a pretty sorority girl like you.”

“I’m not exactly Mother Teresa,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Besides, I’ve never been in a sorority.”

I liked her response. I liked her.

I stepped closer, invading her space. “What do you know about BDSM, Erin?”

Erin appeared to think about it for a moment before she said, “Honestly, not that much.”

“What do you think of being bound or whipped? Of completely submitting yourself to another person?”

Erin’s eyes widened and I watched her cheeks flush. She definitely appeared to be interested. “I’m open to new experiences,” she said, keeping her voice even.

I cupped her cheeks in my hands. “Jackson and I like to personally assess all our applicants. Do you understand?”

I felt Erin nod between my hands.

Lowering my voice, I said, “If you aren’t ready or aren’t interested, you have to leave now. But after this, Erin, there is no going back.”


At first I thought Caleb was joking, but the determined expression on his face told me otherwise. He was dead serious. I glanced at Jackson and saw his face mirrors Caleb’s. This was all real. This club had an actual BDSM dungeon in the basement and they were offering me a view into the lifestyle.

Was this something I could do? Could I enter the world of BDSM and experiment with these two? Did I even want to?

Yes, a voice in the back of my mind shouted. Yes, absolutely!

I was truthful when I told Caleb and Jackson I didn’t know much about BDSM. Most of what I’d learned over the years from television and an old coworker who loved to overshare, but neither of those things painted a very complete picture of what all BDSM entailed.

Caleb’s words rang through my head. What do you think of being bound or whipped? Of completely submitting yourself to another person?

When he’d said that, uttered those words, I felt something.

I’d never had much of a physical reaction when former lovers tried to talk dirty to me. I just figured it didn’t do much for me. But those two sentences made my body react in a way my exes always wished I would. My breath became short, jagged, and I felt something squirm in my stomach. Most telling was the way I felt my pussy spasm.

I had to squeeze my thighs together just to stave off the excitement I felt at imagining myself tied to a bed naked, Jackson and Caleb leaning over me, completely in control of what happened next.

“How do you assess me?” I finally managed to ask. I hoped my voice didn’t quiver, but I couldn’t help the excitement coursing through me. These two men were so different than any other men I met in the past. They felt dangerous, but I didn’t feel scared.

I felt alive.

To my left, I heard the rustle of clothes. Turning my head to the side, I watched Jackson unbutton his shirt, more of his smooth, firm muscles revealing themselves as he went.

Caleb, still cupping my face, turned it back to face him. “Do you want to leave?” he asked.

Last chance, my brain shouted, but I was okay with that. I wanted this, wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted to know what they could do to me.

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