“You look exquisite,” I murmured.

Erin’s eyes fluttered at the compliment. “Thank you. You look incredible too.”

I grew a bit warm as her eyes roved over my body. Attempting to delay the lust that was already starting to seep through my veins, I gestured for her to have a seat.

“Drink?” I asked, heading for the bar cart.

Erin scanned the bottles on the cart. “That bourbon looks good.”

I smiled at her. “It is,” I said, pouring us each two fingers.

I join her on the couch, sitting close enough that our thighs touch, and hand her a glass. We smile at each other as we clink our glasses together and sip.

The bourbon seems to relax her a little. “Thanks,” Erin murmured. “I needed that.”


She looked a little sheepish. “I’m nervous,” she admitted. “This is all so new to me.”

“That’s understandable,” I reply, taking her hand in mine. “What can I do to help ease your nerves?”

Erin thought for a moment. “I can tell you and Caleb are close and seem to have known each other for a while. How did you meet?”

“Good observation,” I said, giving her hand a gentle squeeze. “We were in the marines together and ended up bonding the way only two people in the armed forces can.”

Erin’s face remained passive yet attentive as I talked.

“After we got out, we both needed something to do with our lives, so Caleb asked me if I wanted to start a business together.” Chuckling, I added, “I thought he wanted to open a garage or something.”

She laughed. “This is a far cry from a garage.”

“No kidding. Anyway, Caleb got into BDSM after we got out and it really helped him cope. I’d just come into a bit of inheritance money so he came to me with the idea of starting our own dungeon here in Vegas. He took me to a few dungeons so I could see what the deal was, and I turned out to really like it. I liked the idea of opening a place people could have fun upstairs, but could get what they need downstairs. So many people look down on folks that practice BDSM, and we wanted to give them a safe, quiet place where they can be themselves.”

A small smile graced Erin’s face. “I like that.”

The door opened and Caleb walked in. I watched as he quickly looked around the room, his entire face transforming when his eyes landed on Erin. He walked toward her and, like I did, kissed the back of her hand.

“It’s great to see you again, Erin,” he said.

She smiled back at him. “It’s nice to see you again too, Caleb.”

“You both already have drinks?” he asked, heading over to the bar cart.

“Just waiting on you, man,” I joked.

Caleb got his drink and sat down on the other side of Erin. “So what have we been talking about?”

“Jackson was telling me about why you two opened the club.”

“Good,” he said, taking a sip of his bourbon. “Do you remember what you asked us yesterday?”

Erin looked thoughtful. “Oh, you mean about sharing.” She gulped. “Sharing everything. Women.”

Caleb and I glanced at each other over Erin’s head. It was now or never.

“Neither of us has ever had feelings for men, or each other, but there are certain things we do like,” Caleb said.

“We’ve lived out of each other’s pocket since for nearly fifteen years,” I explained. “We’ve shared tents and food and clothes in the marines, all out of necessity. It bonded us.”

Caleb added, “Now we share a business with each other. And yes, sometimes we share women. Sometimes we just like to watch.”

I chuckled and said, “You have no idea how hot it can be to watch a woman experience complete ecstasy.”

“Does any of that appeal to you, Erin?” Caleb asked, leaning closer to her.

Erin’s voice cracked when she said, “Yes. Yes, it does.”

I leaned in too. “Are you ready?”

Erin nodded. “Yes.”

“Then it’s time for your first scene.”


Then it’s time for your first scene. Caleb’s words echoed through my mind and I could feel a flush rise on my face. I wanted this so badly, wanted to know how it felt to just be taken by Jackson and Caleb.

After I left the club last night, I’d barely made it back into my hotel room before I’d lifted the skirt of my dress, moved the crotch of my panties to the side, and sunk my fingers into my wet depths. I was soaking wet, my clit swollen and hard. I imagined what it felt like to be sandwiched between Jackson and Caleb, reimagined the way they touched and kissed me. It didn’t take long until I felt myself cumming hard on my own fingers.

Then I stripped out of my clothes and started to research.

I spent hours reading about BDSM, about the different things that could take place during a session. A lot of it didn’t appeal to me at all, but some of it made me want to slip my hand back inside my underwear.

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