“It’s beautiful,” I yelled, leaning up to Caleb’s ear so he’d hear me.

“I’d hoped you’d like it!” he said. At that moment, he looked so joyful that it took my breath away. I’d never thought of men as being beautiful before, but Caleb truly was.

Far too soon, the helicopter landed on the roof of another building and we got out.

We got into another elevator and, rather than ask him where we were going, I just let things come as they may.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened to a Halloween party. It was dark but for the flashing strobe lights and everyone was dancing, many of them in costumes. We stepped off and Caleb pulled something from inside his jacket, handing it to me.

It was a black mask made of stiff lace and decorated in pearls. “Wow, it’s lovely! Thank you.”

He pulled out a mask for himself, one similar to mine, and put it on. I quickly took my hair from the bun and shook it out as best as I could before putting my mask on.

Wordlessly, Caleb led me to the dance floor.

I could feel the bass pump through my body and began to move to it. Caleb did the same, his lean body agile as he danced. His hands found my hips and drew me closer to him. In seconds, we began to grind on each other. Feeling his body against mine, his hands all over my back, slipping down to squeeze my ass, drove me crazy. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter the more we danced.

At one point, Caleb spun me around and held me from behind as we danced. His hips were pressed right into my butt and I could feel how hard he was. He rubbed himself against me and I moaned right there on the dance floor. Not that anyone could hear me.

I didn’t know how much of it I could take.

As if he read my mind, Caleb leaned to my ear and said, “I have a hotel room.”

I turned around, grabbed his face, and kissed him hard. “Let’s go.”

I thought we would throw ourselves at each other the instant we made it into the room, but we didn’t. Instead he drew me close to him and kissed me softly. It was so different from how we’d been dancing just moments ago, but I found that I still liked it. It felt loving.

When he pulled away, he walked around my back and slowly unzipped my dress. He slipped it over my shoulders and kissed the bare skin there. I wiggled out of my dress, stepped out of it and turned to him.

His eyes were hungry as he took me in. I’d pulled out the big guns tonight, donning a black lace bra, a matching thong, and garters attached to black stockings.

“Wow,” he murmured, his hand running from the side of my breasts down to the curve of my hip.

I kissed him briefly and asked, “So what do you have in store for me tonight?”

It turns out Caleb had already prepared the room, two handcuffs attached to the headboard and footboard, waiting for me. He laid me down on the bed on my stomach and locked each of my limbs in place.

This was the most I’d been bound, and yet I wasn’t scared. Instead, I felt exhilarated.

I heard Caleb take his clothes off and turned my head to the side to see him. He was glorious, all lean, toned muscle. And he was so hard. I shivered as my eyes lingered on him there.

He climbed on the bed, his legs straddling either side of me. His hands began to lightly massage my back.

“Do you like this?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I really do.”

“I’m glad,” he said, and then I felt the head of his cock nudge my slick entrance. I bit my lip in anticipation.

Slowly, so slowly, he pushed inside, filling me inch by inch.

“God, you feel even better than I imagined,” he said, his voice reverent.

My voice strained, I replied, “You feel even better than I imagined.” Caleb let out a choked laugh.

And then he began to move, pulling his hips back before thrusting again. He picked up the pace and, before long, he was snapping into me, and all I could do was lie there moaning and take it.

He reached under me and began rubbing my clit in quick circles. I came in seconds, moaning out his name, begging for more. He managed to make me cum again. I felt his body begin to stutter and I knew he was close.

“Come on, Caleb!” I yelled. I wanted him to cum. I wanted Caleb to feel as good as I did.

Somehow, he began to fuck me even faster, harder. Then he abruptly pulled out and I felt his cum splatter across my back as he groaned.

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