But Caleb’s eyes were on me. “No, I want to go home with you.”

Tears sprang to my eyes. “I’ll be there. I’ll be there for both of you. Forever.”


Erin – Three Months Later

I stood in the doorway as I watched the deliverymen assemble our new Alaskan King bed. I’d never seen a bed so big in my life and I couldn’t wait to break it in later with Caleb and Jackson.

Humming as I turned around, I looked down the hallway of our new home, feeling that same thrill I’d been experiencing for the last three months from knowing that things were going well. That both Jackson and Caleb were in my life and we were all going to be together.

Telling my mom that I was moving in with my new boyfriends was terrifying, but she took it in stride, telling me she was glad I was happy and that she’d fly down to meet them just as soon as she could.

The entire plane ride home from New York, the three of us talked about what our hearts truly wanted. We’d all said the same thing: a future together.

It felt so right being with them, like I was one-third of a whole. We all just fit together, Caleb and Jackson as platonic partners with me involved with both of them. I didn’t care if no one else understood it. We did. We knew that we worked together, and that’s all that mattered.

We bought a large house on purpose, with the intention of each of us having our own bedrooms while the master bedroom was for all of us to share. The fifth bedroom would be a bedroom for guests. When I passed it, I smiled, looking forward to my mom staying in there soon.

For now, none of us were planning to put our places on the market, instead renting them out. Hanna’s apartment wasn’t working out for her because her landlord was a pervert who couldn’t take no for an answer, so she was going to move into my place just as soon as my things were gone.

Originally, I told her she didn’t need to pay me rent. I made a decent salary and, with two rich boyfriends, I really didn’t need the money. She’d insisted, however, and I managed to talk her down to down to paying me two hundred bucks a month. She refused to go any lower. I just decided to put the rent money aside to put toward repairs or anything else the apartment needed.

Things were going great for me at work. Recently, during my review, my boss raved about my work and told me that if I kept it up, she was positive I’d make partner one day.

Both the Overground and Underground were thriving. The Overground was named the hottest place to be by Las Vegas Magazine, while word spread about the Underground amongst the BDSM community. Jackson and Caleb were already talking about opening a second dungeon within the next couple of years if everything went well.

I was excited to watch the business grow. I was so proud of all the hard work the boys put into making the Underground a safe place for people to explore their desires, and I let them know it all the time.

For as hot as the sex had been right after I met Caleb and Jackson, it’d become a thing of wonder once we made things official. Some nights I had to beg them to stop trying to make me have another orgasm just because I was so exhausted and sore. They were both amazing about accepting my limits in the bedroom, just as I tried to be with theirs.

They continued to introduce me to new things, suggested something to me and asked if I wanted to try it out. I couldn’t believe there were so many different ways to share intimacy with another person. Or two people in my case.

About a month after we got back from New York, Caleb and I remained awake after the three of us finished having sex, Jackson falling asleep almost right, his snores filling the room.

“You’ve changed me,” Caleb said, rolling onto his side so he could look at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ve only had a few night terrors since we began sleeping next to each other most nights. And most of those were on nights we were apart.”

“Oh,” I murmured, amazed that I’d helped him in that way. “Wow, I had no idea.

“You truly are an incredible person,” he told me, draping his arm over my body and tugging me close.

I was lost in my thoughts when Jackson walked up behind me. I was back to watching the delivery men build our bed.

“Everything okay?” he asked. He tugged off his jacket and I took it from him, folding it over my arm.

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