I entered my apartment with dread clinging to my body like leeches. I know full well that this kind of thing cannot happen. I’d ruin everything I worked for. Sure, Ian was unreasonably pretty with his blond hair and blue eyes, looking like some sort of Norse god. And yeah, Carson had the body of a superhero and a stare that felt like it could take my clothes off on its own. And yes, Ryland was like a sexy, British super spy, but that was no excuse to just go kissing them. I wasn’t even sure I could go to work the next day. Ian had done it, but what would Carson and Ryland think? They were sure to fire me. No doubt I was the first woman they’d ever seen whose HR violation is a violation by HR. That didn’t quite read on a resume the same way ‘Employee of the Month’ would, then again, if I wasn’t an employee of the month after that, I didn’t know what would do it.

My hope was that a cool shower would help calm me down, but the second the water hit my skin, my mind betrayed me and started to wander. The feeling of Ian’s soft, yet forceful kiss made me tingle with excitement. A man who could kiss like that had to be skilled at other things and as I slid my hands over my body, I started to imagine they were his hands instead. Caressing the skin of my midriff, dancing teasingly over my breasts, stopping only for a quick squeeze before moving down again towards my anxiously awaiting pussy. He’d part me just slightly and flick a finger over my clit, sending jolts of electricity in shockwaves through me.

Teasing myself below, I imagined Ian’s lips elsewhere; sucking on my nipples while pushing a finger inside me, driving me crazy as pleasure blanketed my body. He was so kind and thoughtful, that he probably made sure all of his lovers came a time or two on his path to the goal. I rubbed my clit with more vigor as images of Carson and Ryland popped into my mind. I’d never been with three men at once before, but I wouldn’t mind starting with them.

“Ah!” I yelped as I came. It was the first of a few times I would have to satiate myself that night, as all three men visited me in my dreams.

The next day, I couldn’t control the racing of my heart as I walked into work. Did I let Ian think that what he did was okay? Did Carson and Ryland think less of me now? Had word spread throughout the office of what had happened? I didn’t know what to expect. What I did know was that I was probably going to have to resign my position. It had been forever sullied, and I couldn’t honestly continue to work there, with that hovering around us.

“Good morning.” My heart skidded to a halt as I boarded the elevator bound for my floor of destination, and found Ryland was already on.

“Good morning,” I replied.

I stayed silent as we rode, but oddly enough, so did he. He studied a newspaper he was holding, not paying me much mind at all. When it was time to climb off the elevator, he held out his arm motioning me forward, and we walked off. He turned to head towards his office, but then stopped and turned back towards me.

“Oh, Sascha,” he began. I should have known I couldn’t have skated by scott free.

I took a deep breath. “Yes, sir?”

“I sent you an email this morning. Those investors we met with last night want a copy of our quarter four growth reports. Do you think you can send them over?” he asked. I stared at him blankly. Growth reports? That was it. “Sascha?” he repeated.

“Oh, uh, yes! I can do that,” I responded. “I’ll do that right now.”

“Wonderful.” He smiled. “Thank you.” He turned again and walked away without another word.

I released all the tension in my body and it felt like I was going to melt into the floor. Had he really forgotten? Maybe he was drunker than I realized. I made my way to my desk and immediately got to the task he’d given me. It wasn’t as though I ever slacked off, but while I was trying to recover from this, I was going to need to stay right on top of things. Things, Sascha, not men, things.

“Hello, Sascha.” I looked over my shoulder, and Carson was walking up. I swore internally. He was wearing a well-cut suit, had his hair slicked back, and his blue eyes were bright and inviting. He looked good. “How are you this morning?”

I was confused. Here Carson was too, pretending as if the night before never happened. “Hello,” I greeted. “I’m great. How are you?”

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