He exposed my breasts and immediately clasped his mouth down over my nipple, while his hand snaked between us and fondled my vagina through the fabric of my pants.

“Oh yes, Carson, just like that.” I grabbed at the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head, grabbing his head and bringing it up to mine for a kiss. I licked over his lips and he parted them, allowing me to stick my tongue inside. I dug my nails into his skin as his hand slithered down my pants and stuck a couple of fingers inside of me. He placed his thumb over my clit and rubbed at the same time and I whimpered, the pleasure of it threatening to black me out.

“You are so wet already,” Carson whispered in my ear and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I pushed against him until he was sitting up, and then I stood in front of him. He followed my queue and pulled my pants down. He pulled himself out, sliding his pants down and off as well. I straddled him, and guided him to line up with my entrance. Before I could get the chance to set him in, I caught his gaze. He was looking at me like a priceless painting. I kissed him, and as I did, he grabbed my hips and lowered me down over him.

Of the three men, he was the most well-endowed, and as I continued to move further and further down, I was surprised at how much of him there was. When my ass was finally settling against his thighs, I was walking the line between full to pleasure and full to bursting.

I opened my mouth to moan, but no sound came out. I was too overwhelmed. He closed his mouth over my breast again and started to suck one and use his hand to fondle the other while I started to ride him. It was less up and down, and more grinding in his lap. He was so huge, that it didn’t matter how I moved, he was rubbing up against some spot that felt good.

“You feel so good, do you like my cock inside of you?” Carson asked when he continued to massage my breasts.

“Oh yes, fuck yes, please don’t stop, ” I hissed.

My first orgasm snuck up on me and before I knew it, I was crying out. Carson groaned beneath me and raised his hips to meet mine. My second orgasm rose slowly and washed over me in back to back waves, never ceasing as long as I moved on top of him. I was whining my way through it when Carson started to grunt. His hands squeezed my hips tight in a way that I knew would leave bruises behind, but I didn’t care. Pleasure dominated all of me for a final time and Carson lifted me off of him, with ease as if I weighed nothing. The last thing I remembered was letting my head drop to his shoulder and quickly drifting off to sleep.


Carson, Ryland, Sascha and I decided to meet at a local coffee shop for a conversation about which one of us Sascha was going to pick. If I was being honest, I hardly wanted to talk about it. I had enjoyed my date with Sascha so much and wanted her to pick me over the other two so badly that I couldn’t even think about what I would do if she went with Carson or Ryland. To have to go to work every day and see her, see them. That would be awful.

“I know that this was kind of weird,” I started. “But we each had such a wonderful time with you, so thank you for being willing to give us each a fair shot.”

“Of course, we understand if you’d rather not go with any of us,” Ryland added.

“And if you do pick one of us, the other two will respect that decision,” Carson continued.

Sascha sat in silence for a long time. No one made any attempt to hurry her along. I could feel in Carson and Ryland’s energy that they shared my sentiments about her. She was wonderful, I could not deny that. None of us wanted to cede her to someone else.

Finally, Sascha took a deep breath. She was spinning her coffee cup in her hand, but had yet to take a sip. She looked up, making a few seconds of eye contact with each of us. “I… I can’t choose any of you.”

We let out a collective gasp of shock. We each exchanged glances, understandably confused that it was truly her decision. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I know our date was amazing, and she had to think so too. I couldn’t imagine none of us were good enough for her.

“Are you serious?” Ryland was the first to ask. “I mean, look, I don’t mean to sound like a prick here, but we were fantastic. Can you truly say that didn’t mean anything?”

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