I turned and walked away, a cloud of disappointment hovering above my head raining down droplets that read ‘share.’ I hated to admit it, but Sascha was the only one I wanted, and if that meant that I was going to have to enter into a weird, collective relationship with Ryland and Carson, that’s what it was going to have to be.


I stood outside of Carson’s apartment complex with fear playing tennis with my heart. In the beginning, I was just afraid that I wasn’t going to like any of the three men, and was going to have to let them go and leave my job, now I was concerned they were going to let me go. I liked them all so much that I had no idea what I’d do if they decided they couldn’t make sharing me work, and we had to stop seeing each other.

Finally, I worked up the courage to enter. I pressed the buzzer and a few seconds later the front door opened. I walked down the hall towards Carson’s apartment, taking deep breaths in and out to try and still the racing of my heart and heating of my skin. I knocked on the door and Carson entered, and to my shock, all three men were inside. They watched me as I walked in and sat down on the couch. Ian was sitting at the dining room table, Ryland was standing on the other side of the room in the door frame to another part of the apartment, and Carson stood not far from me, facing the couch. It was odd thinking that it was just a handful of hours ago that it was them waiting for my response. Now I was anxiously awaiting theirs.

“We’ve thought a lot about what you said,” Carson started. “We know what you want, and we’ve decided that that’s what we want too.”

Time slowed down for a moment while I processed what he said. “You do?” I looked at each of the men and then started chuckling. Obviously they were messing with me. They weren’t the kind of men who shared their women. “Oh, I get it. You’re showing me how ridiculous that sounds by pretending to agree with it, right? Okay, I’m sorry. I just thought that it could work.”

“We’re not joking,” Carson said, and it was then that I noticed his unmoved expression. “If that’s what you want, we’ll do it.”

My heart was beating hard again, but for a different reason. It was my idea, but I never expected them to go for it. I didn’t even have any idea how a relationship like that functioned. “How is it going to work, though?” I asked. “You all have separate lives and do things your own way. I can’t honestly ask you to change.”

“How is it going to work?” Carson asked. He took a few steps forward, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He started to stroke it. “Suck me.”

Despite how shocked I was that he did that out of nowhere, my body immediately set ablaze. He was bringing his cock to full hardness in front of me, and I wanted to suck it, but the other two were standing right there.

I looked up at him, my cheeks hot. “I can’t do that with the others watching.”

“What other two?” Carson said. He stared into my eyes and it was as if he was a wizard casting a spell over me. “I’m the only one here. Block the other two out.”

When he said it with such resonance, I didn’t find it difficult to respond to. I pushed myself forward off the couch, down onto my knees, and grabbed onto Carson’s dick. I licked the tip a few times before wrapping my lips around his impressive girth entirely. I felt his hand grab the back of my head, and soon, I was bobbing my head over his dick with excitement, anticipating when I could have it inside of me again. Carson placed a hand under my chin and tipped it back a little.

“Let me see those eyes,” he huffed to me.

With his dick still situated in my mouth, we locked eyes and he groaned as I blew him. He pulled off his shirt and without hesitation, I grabbed the collar of my strapless sundress and slid it down, breaking free my braless breasts, and revealing my pink thong.

Carson set his head back for a moment as I gave him the best blow job I could muster. “Fuck, Sascha. You’re good at that.”

Down to my underwear, it seemed like Carson was powerless to resist me anymore and he pulled me off of his dick and back up onto the couch. He brought his face to mine to kiss me, as he pushed aside the fabric of my thong and slipped himself inside. I moaned into his mouth as he buried himself to the hilt and started to roll his hips against mine, rotating his dick inside me. It felt amazing. Eventually, he pulled his lips from mine and looked down at me with a sly smile.

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