“Derr’mo,” I huffed.

“You outdid yourself, Carson,” Ryland commented.

Carson hissed at the sight of it. “Yes I did.” He looked at me. “Ian?”

I chuckled. “Well, she looks good, but how can we be certain she’ll obey?”

“Sounds like your department,” Carson shot back and I laughed.

I walked over to the sofa that Carson kept in his office and pulled the bag I’d brought from underneath it. I hadn’t brought my entire stash, but at the very least a few fun things, including a pair of rope handcuffs. I pulled them out and walked over to Sascha and pulled her hands behind her back, and tied them together. She didn’t resist, and when her wrists were securely fastened, I bit down on her collarbone, loving the way she yelped in response.

“Ryland, since you’re the one who had it worse, would you like to start?” I asked.

Ryland gave me a huge grin and walked over to the bag. He pulled out the vibrating wand I had inside. “Come sit, my beautiful,” Ryland demanded.

Sascha did as she was told, sitting down on the couch as Ryland plugged in the wand. He turned it on, immediately cranking it up to its most intense vibration. He sat down next to Sascha and pulled her left leg over his lap. Carson followed suit and sat down next to her on the other side, pulling her right leg over his lap, leaving her panty-free pussy exposed. Ryland tapped the vibrator against her clit, and she gasped. He did it again and she shuddered. He did it a third time, that time letting it sit in place. Sascha let out a series of moans that got louder and more intense the longer the vibrator sat there. Just as it seemed like she may come, Ryland pulled the vibrator away.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he said. “Bad girls don’t get to come.”

“Please,” Sascha whined.

“She’s being too noisy,” Carson commented. “Ian, do you have anything that can help with that?”

I didn’t even offer a verbal response. I walked over to my bag, reached in, and pulled out the ball gag I’d brought along. I leaned down over Sascha, led with my tongue into a kiss, and then as I pulled away, I placed the gag in her mouth and attached the clasp behind her head. Ryland set the wand back down on her pussy again, causing her to let out as loud a moan as she could with the gag in her mouth.

“I want to fuck her,” I said watching the way she writhed.

“Why don’t you?” Ryland said. He leaned over and whispered into Sascha’s ear. “He can, can’t he?”

Sascha nodded her head, and I didn’t wait another moment. I dropped my pants, blanketed myself over her, and slid my dick inside. Ryland continued to press the wand against her clit, sending waves of vibration through us both. I moaned and Carson laughed.

“That shit feels good, right?” he asked.

“Eto chertovski khorosho, ya ne mogu dumat’ pryamo,” I responded.

“Let me get under her,” Ryland said.

He set the wand down for a moment and pulled off his own pants. We repositioned so that Sascha was sitting in his lap, still facing me, and I slipped back inside of her. Ryland grabbed the wand again and wrapped it around her, setting it on top of her pussy once again. Sascha cried out around the gag, and the feeling of the vibrations along with her clamping down on my dick, threatened to pull me over.

A moment later, I felt Ryland’s dick against mine. It shocked me at first, but I knew what he was going for, so I accommodated it. He pushed his tip inside of her, forcing his dick in her pussy alongside mine. It was next level. I was pushed against the walls of her pussy, feeling the friction even more as I moved in and out of her against Ryland’s dick, with the vibrator pulsating through all three of us.

I didn’t even have any warning. I started to come immediately, grunting and groaning as I emptied my seed into her. Sascha cried out and I could tell in the way her pussy started contracting that she was coming too.

“I’m close,” Ryland announced.

“Wait,” I said. I pulled out and pointed at the gaping opening where my dick had been. I looked over at Carson with a raise to my eyebrow. “You’ve got to try this.”

Carson didn’t need to be told a second time. He stood up from where he was and took my place, pushing his dick into Sascha. Her eyes nearly popped out of her skull, probably because Carson had both Ryland and I beat in size.

Still as he buried into her, he started to grumble. “Fuck.”

Sascha’s moans got more and more labored and Ryland let out a sigh. “She’s coming again.”

I walked over and climbed up on the couch, so that my dick was next to Sascha’s mouth. I undid the ball gag and let it fall from her mouth, immediately replacing it with my cock. My legs shook as her tongue slicked against my shaft. Having just come, it was over sensitive, and it felt like I was gonna buckle.

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