“She’s gone,” she assured me.

I kissed her. “If I didn’t love you before, I definitely do now.”

Sascha smiled with a nod of her head. “Me too.”

Ian poked his head between us. “Sorry to ruin this moment, but do you think you can do that arm hold thing in bed?”

Sascha slapped him away and as we each laughed, it was finally starting to settle in that my nightmare was over.



Two Months Later

I was halfway through my day in the blink of an eye. I was looking forward to my evening, but in a few months’ time, the amount of work amassed by the assistant to the three bosses of a thriving publishing firm, was large. Carson was getting more and more meetings by the day, Ryland kept coming up with new ways to manage the financial reports, which meant I had to keep designing new ways to file them, and Ian was actually having to learn what it meant to have employees for longer than a few months, because turnover was at an all-time low. It didn’t mean that the editing department wasn’t a revolving door, however, and as I was about to leave for my lunch break, I got an email from Ian, asking me to come meet him in his office.

When I entered, shutting the door behind me, Ian handed over a manilla folder to me. It had Carson’s writing on it, one of the editor’s here, Dante’s name on the tab, and a huge ‘FIRED’ stamped across it.

“Finally let him go, huh?” I asked. He had been making irrefutable errors for some time now.

“Yeah,” Ian said. “I heard it was ugly. He actually tried to size Carson up.”

I snickered. “Huge mistake.”

“Gigantic,” Ian added. “Anyway. You must be thrilled?”

I tilted my head. “Why is that?”

Ian chuckled. “Have you forgotten already? You applied to be an editor. Remember what I told you when you interviewed? Eventually someone would be fired and that job would be yours. I would say you could improve your chances by sleeping with the boss, but…” He made a kissy face at me and I whapped him on the head with the file. I looked at it for a moment. I had forgotten that I applied to be an editor. I’d gotten so used to be their assistant, not to mention the perks that came with it, that I’d completely abandoned the thought of doing anything else. “It wouldn’t change anything.”

I looked up at Ian. “Huh?”

“With us, I mean. You, Ryland, Carson and I. That’s our thing, and I know I speak for all of us when I say we’re not going anywhere,” he said.

I smiled. “What about when you get a new, even hotter assistant?”

Ian raised an eyebrow. “Hotter than you? Have you seen you?”

I laughed. I walked around his desk, leaned down and gave him a kiss. I handed the folder back to him with a smile. “I’m fine with my current placement, thank you.”

Ian looked shocked. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I may revisit it later, but for now, I like where I am. Great benefits.” I gave him one last kiss. “I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yeah you will,” he said.

He swatted my ass as I was turning to walk away, I stuck my tongue out at him as I turned to walk out the door.

That night, Ryland, Carson and I collected dinner and drove out to Ian’s lakehouse. The plan was to enjoy dinner before a night of revelry, but given that Ian was completely naked and stroking his cock as we entered, he clearly had other plans in mind. None of us questioned him. We set the food on the table and walked over and I dropped to my knees immediately and started to suck him off. I kept my eyes on him as Ryland lined up behind me and shoved his cock all the way up my ass in one fell swoop, thank god I’d prepared for it. Carson climbed under me and finagled himself so that he could slide his massive girth up my pussy.

Stuff from all sides, just the way I liked to be with my men. I could enjoy them individually or in pairs, make no mistake, but as Ian forced my head down until my nose was tickling his public hairs, while Ryland and Carson alternated pounding my holes, there was no denying that it was the best when all four of us were together.

We never made it to the food that night. We made love all around the lakehouse until we ended up in bed, with Carson behind me, Ian in front, and Ryland on top. Their smells conglomerated and rocked me off to a distant slumber, knowing that I could be happy like this for the rest of my days.


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