I turned around in his arms. He adjusted our position, his hands falling to the small of my back. My eyes were wide and my voice was breathy when I said, “Seki, I need you.”

He didn’t say anything, just nodded and took my hand. My body burned with anticipation as we walked back to the blanket. I needed him so badly, needed to feel him slide into my body, to feel him move with me. I hoped he knew that.

We reached the blanket and I let go of his hand, lying down on my back and parting my legs. “Please,” I murmured. It was enough.

He immediately dropped to his knees on the blanket. Seki’s palm pressed to my chest above my heart and he felt just how much my heart raced for him.

His hand began to run down my body, lingering over my nipples and toying with them and roaming down my stomach he paused mere inches from my pussy.

My eyes stayed on his the entire time. I just hoped they conveyed how much I needed him.

“Are you on the pill?” he asked in a husky voice. “I didn’t bring condoms. If not, we can do other stuff.”

“Yeah,” I managed to said. “I’m on the pill.”

“Good,” he said, and let his fingers glide over my clit to my wet entrance.

I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped from me. It felt as if the moan had been torn from my chest.

Seki’s fingertips dragged through my slick, teasing the opening of my pussy. I was so full of need that I thought I would go crazy with it.

He pulled his fingers back and brought them into his mouth, licking my essence from his fingertips. “You taste so good,” he said. I whimpered.

And then he was on me.

Seki grabbed my hips and hauled them closer to him. He grasped his cock in his hand and teased my pussy with his head. Without warning, his hips surged forward and he was inside me, completely buried inside me.

I screamed, not caring how loud I was or if anyone would hear me.

“Fuck, Jada,” Seki grunted. He hadn’t moved yet, his cock still filling every inch of me. “You feel so good, just amazing.”

I released a choked laugh as my hands went to his hips. “You feel good too,” I said. Then I jerked my hips. He got with the program, pulling himself nearly all the way out before thrusting back inside of me. He did it again, he did it again and again and again, and I just writhed beneath him, bucking my hips up to meet each of his thrusts.

I didn’t know how much time had passed when Seki rolled us over and I was suddenly in the air and riding him.

It felt magical, almost otherworldly, to ride Seki under the stars, just pumping my hips up and down on his cock. It was that same exhilarating feeling I got when I’d stripped and first walked into the lagoon, but more. Better. It was like being on top of the world.

And Seki, Jesus, he looked like he was made for this, made for the moonlight and sex and longing and desire. The intense way he looked at me was almost better than the feel of him inside me because it was like he saw me, saw all of me. Who I really was as a human, as a woman. A woman he chose to make love to.

That’s what it felt like too, like we were making love.

When I set out to seduce him, I’d simply wanted to fuck, but this? This was just as good as fucking.

Seki lifted one of his hands from my hips and put it between my legs, circling my clit with his fingers. If I hadn’t been in heaven before, I certainly was now. His fingers were fucking magic.

It had to have been just seconds before my pussy began to contract around his cock as I came. My body seized up, but he kept fucking me through my orgasm, not letting up. His fingers began moving faster and just as I finished one orgasm, I was cumming again, letting my cries bounce through the night air.

I basically felt like a puddle of goo after that, my limbs feeling as if they were rung out like rags. Seki smiled at his work and flipped us again. He pounded into me until a shout left him and I felt him leave behind his thick seed inside me.

Afterward, we lay in each other’s arms on the blanket. I could feel the cum drip from my body, sliding over my thigh. I’d never let a guy cum inside me before and found that I loved it. It was like Seki had given me a piece of himself. And, technically speaking, I supposed he had.

It was pretty late by the time we dressed and headed back to the ranch. We held hands the entire way, talking about nothing in particular along the way.

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