“You didn’t bring me to the diner until right now either, Ben,” she playfully admonished.

Ben looked at me. “Look what you’re getting into man,” he joked.

Looking at Jada, I replied, “I’m okay with that.”

The smile on her face was pleased.

We chatted until our food arrived, sharing a giant plate of fries and each eating our own burger.

Jada groaned as she bit into her burger. After she swallowed it, she said, “Okay, now I’m really mad at you two for not bringing me here sooner. This burger is fantastic!”

I was happy that she liked the diner. When the guys and I went out to eat, we almost always came here. “Then we’ll have to come back more often.”

“Hell yes we do!” she agreed.

All eager to have a beer to wash down our burger and fries, we didn’t linger at the diner once we were done eating. It was fun to just kick back and relax while we chatted over beers.

By the time we were considering adding our names to the karaoke list, Jada admitted, “I can’t sing to save my life.”

Ben and I shared a look. “Can you dance?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied, “but I really can’t dance to a bad rendition of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’.”

“Actually,” I said, “I’ve got another place in mind.”


The place that Ace had in mind was a club, a surprisingly cool one. I never would have guessed a club like this existed anywhere near Seeley Lake. It reminded me of any of the clubs I used to go to with Sascha and Erin in Las Vegas but just a little smaller.

I was pleasantly buzzed from the beers I drank at the bar and was really in the mood to dance. With two guys as hot as Ben and Ace with me, who could blame me for wanting to get them onto the dance floor?

I grabbed them both by the hand and led them into the crowd. Without waiting for them, I let the music take me over and began to move my body to the beat. It had been so long since I last danced. Sascha hadn’t managed to coax me out of my house after my depression set in.

But I wasn’t feeling depressed anymore. I was full of energy, full of lust and longing. I felt alive.

Ace and Ben watched me for a minute or two before they joined me. Ace went behind me, his hands on my hips, while Ben stood at my front, his hands at my waist. Then they began to move their bodies against mine, the rhythm of them searing through me like fire.

Instantly, I was aroused, feeling my panties dampen. But that was the fun of dancing. It was a slow seduction, a siren’s call.

The longer we danced, the closer their bodies got to mine until there was no space between my body and theirs. I couldn’t think about anything but sex, wondering what it would be like. Sure, I’d had sex before with Ben when we were teenagers, but we were just kids fumbling around. It took me three or four times before I even had an orgasm and not long after that, Ben was gone. Ben was a man now, he and Ace both were and God, I wanted them both.

When Ace ran to the bar to grab us another round of beers, Ben slid behind me, pulling my body tight to his.

“Enjoying yourself?” Ben asked into my ear.

His breath on my neck made me shiver. All I could do was nod.

Ben’s voice was dark as he said, “Good.”

We danced for a few minutes before he said, “Sometimes I want to kick my teenage-self’s ass because, during the entire time we dated, I never ate your pussy.”

I gasped, grinding my ass against his firm cock. “Mm,” he murmured. Then he asked, “Want to hear what else I’d like to do to you?” I nearly died right there.

“There are a lot of things I want to do to you, Jada,” he admitted. “It’s a pretty long list.”

“Tell me,” I managed to gasp.

“Alright,” he said, and I could actually hear the smile on his lips. “I’d love to blindfold you and handcuff you to the bed while I teased you for hours before I finally fucked you until you forgot your name.”

“Oh, fuck,” I whimpered in his arms.

“Something else I want to do is tease your little asshole until it was loose enough for my big cock. Then I’d fuck you in your ass while you had a vibrator in your pussy driving you crazy.”

My head slammed backward onto Ben’s shoulder. I was positive that, if Ben let go of me, I would drop straight to the floor.

“Jada, are you wet?” he asked.

Unable to speak, I nodded. Ben reached up and squeezed one of my boobs, fingering the nipple before his hand slid down my stomach and between my legs.

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