“It’s an old house with an old kitchen, and doesn’t have the best ventilation.”

“That’s okay. If it’s alright with you, I think I’ll just take my flannel off.” I didn’t know how to respond to that. Was she suggesting that she was going to cook topless or did she have something on underneath her flannel? If it was a camisole, that would be worse than having her topless because I was such a sucker for the flash of cleavage a camisole provided.

Instead, I bit my lip and tossed the lasagna into the oven.

When I didn’t say anything Jada shrugged and began unbuttoning her shirt. Her hands seemed to linger over each button, but that could have just been my imagination too. She easily could have been taking her top off at a perfectly normal speed and I was just so eager to see her breasts that my perception was off.

As she unbuttoned her top, the two sides of the navy flannel gave way to a tight black tank top. She peeled her shirt from her arms and tossed it on the back of a chair, allowing me to see the way the tank top clung to each curve of her body.

She looked incredible, just so incredible. It was a struggle to turn back to the meal we were making, but I managed it.

However, it didn’t last long because the next thing I knew, Jada and I were standing together in the middle of the kitchen floor and kissing like it was the end of the world.

Our kiss was similar to the one we shared before, but more. It was like her dates with Seki, Ace, and Ben had made her more confident in herself and her own sexuality. Honestly, it was really hot, especially when her hands traveled down my back and grabbed me by the ass, hauling me closer still.

The front door opened and I heard a hoard walk inside. Their footsteps stilled when they approached the kitchen. I just knew they were watching us, something I liked a lot. They’d all gotten to spend some time alone with her, and I wanted them to all see just what I could do for Jada too.

My fingers strayed down to the hem of her shirt and I slowly began to draw it up over her body. She pulled back so I could take it off and her hands went around her back to unhook the black bra she wore.

Jada let the straps teasingly slide over her shoulders before letting the bra drop to the floor. We came together again, but this time I was behind her.

I turned our bodies so they faced the doorway where the guys stood watching. My hands roamed over Jada’s stomach, teasing the place where her skin met her jeans, before coming back up to her breasts.

I kneaded and squeezed them in my hands, taking the time to twirl my fingers around her nipples before pinching them. Jada gasped, her back deeply arching against me.

When I looked at the guys again, Ben was rubbing himself through his jeans and Seki and Ace looked completely dumbfounded by what was in front of them.

Seki appeared to snap to attention because he asked, “Should we take this upstairs?”

Jada’s eyes opened and she grinned. She left me standing there and walked out of the kitchen, giving each man a long lingering look as she passed.

“Follow me, boys,” she demurred. “Or I’m going to have to get started by myself.”

She didn’t have to tell us twice.

We all ended up in Seki’s attic bedroom. It was the biggest room and made the most sense to fuck in.

That night became a haze of naked limbs and long, drawn out screams as Jada got passed around between us.

I found myself pounding into Jada’s tight pussy from behind while she sucked Ace. One of her hands jerked Seki’s cock while Ben watched on, lazily stroking himself as he waited for his turn.

Jada felt even better than she had in my daydreams, all of which didn’t do her an ounce of justice. Real-life Jada was a firecracker, energetic and enthusiastic and eager to please.

Of course, we were all eager to please her as well. At one point, she rode Ben’s face while Seki straddled Ben’s chest and fucked Jada’s ass from behind. As she greedily bucked her hips over Ben’s lips and tongue, she beckoned me forth. I went to her, my cock jutting out to her.

Her hand wrapped around it and she took me into her mouth. She moaned around my cock, shooting thrilling vibrations through me. I couldn’t help but be proud of her when she gestured for Ace to join me in front of her, taking the heads of both our cocks into her mouth at once. It was so dirty and obscene that I had to grab myself to keep from cumming right then.

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