She broke down, sobbing into Seki’s chest. “What are we going to do?” she said between sobs. “I’m not prepared to be a mother. I’m not ready!”

Hank hugged her from behind. “We’ll figure it out, okay? All of us. Together.”

“Okay,” Jada said in a small voice.

“If you want, if it would make you feel better, we can get a DNA test to see who the birth father is,” Hank continued.

“No!” Jada said. “No, I don’t want that. I don’t think it would be helpful at all. I don’t want anyone to be hurt.”

“That’s fine,” Ace said. “I think that’s a good idea.”

Jada sobbed again. “I can still leave. You all can pretend this never happened.”

“We could never pretend you weren’t in our life, Jada. You’re a part of us now,” I murmured, leaning forward and kissing the top of her head.

“We’re going to get through this,” Ace said.

“But a baby is a lot to deal with,” Jada insisted.

“Yeah, we know that,” Hank said. “We know things are going to change around here. But change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

“This baby is going to grow up surrounded by so much love,” I said. “More than I ever had. I’m going to love our child in a way my dad was never able to love me.”

That got Jada’s attention. She looked up from where her face was still buried in Seki’s chest. “Okay,” she said. “I guess we’re about to all become parents.”


After the tearful night when we found out I was pregnant, things just seemed to fall into place. I was so happy with my life. My love for Seki, Ace, Ben, and Hank seemed to grow by the day, along with my love for the child growing inside me.

Besides, it felt pretty incredible to have four sexy as hell men into me, having sex with me. Loving me.

They could have easily treated me like some sort of sex-object, like a human blow-up doll, but they didn’t. They all respected me, even during sex, checking in with me to see if I was okay or into what we were doing. And they always made sure I had a lot of orgasms, something I liked a lot.

But it was more than just the sex. Sure, I loved them, but I also liked them as individuals too. They were all so smart and funny in their own ways, so unique. I loved how Hank was one to take charge of any situation and how Seki always seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. I loved how thoughtful Ace was and the way Ben’s spontaneity brought me joy each day.

The only part that I didn’t like was how they started to handle me with kid gloves. Any time one of the guys saw me carrying something, they’d take it from me. They even carried my vet bag. I was the damned veterinarian. I needed to carry my own bag or how would I be able to work?

It happened one too many times before I finally snapped.

“That’s enough!” I yelled, snatching my bag back from Ace. Hank, Seki, and Ben all stopped what they were doing to look at me. “You guys are all treating me like a child. I might be pregnant, but I’m still an adult.”

They each looked thoroughly shamefaced. Good, they deserved to be. I wouldn’t tolerate it, not anymore.

“I want you all to understand something, okay?” I said. “Until my water breaks several months from now, I’m going to carry on like I always have. Understand?”

They each apologized and thankfully, things got better after that. I could tell that they struggled with it, wanting to help, but they listened to me because they respected me.

We had movie nights a lot after I became pregnant. I tended to get worn out pretty early, so it was a great way to be able to spend time with them that didn’t require much energy.

One night, I sat cuddled up with Ace. He leaned over to give me a quick kiss, but I deepened it before he could pull away.

As our kiss grew more and more passionate, I heard Ben ask, “Who are you going to kiss next, Jada?”

Ace and I broke apart and he flipped Ben off.

“Definitely not you after that remark,” I joked, making Ben pout.

“Rude!” he said, his grin already back.

I turned to Seki on my other side and kissed him too. Just as the kiss began to get heated, my phone rang. Glancing at the screen, I saw it was my mom. I would call her back later after I’d had my fun.

Just seconds after declining the call, my phone rang again. It was my mom again.

Seki looked down at the caller ID and then at me. “Maybe you should answer it,” he said. “It could be important.”

“Yeah,” I said quietly. Anxiety exploded in my stomach as I answered the phone and brought it to my ear. “Hello?”