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“Yeah, I guess they’re called little miracles for a reason.”

Molly rested her chin on her elbow, flipping through Alex’s work agenda. There was something thoughtful in the gloss of her eyes, something wishful and amused.

“Maybe I should settle down,” she mumbled.

I raised my eyebrows at her. “Yeah?”

“Can’t let my baby brother beat me at life yet again.”

“What about your vlog? That’s still going strong, isn’t it?”

Molly’s lips stretched from ear to ear, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I actually met someone through one of my videos.”


“Yeah. He’s a pretty famous videographer or whatever. He said he wanted to meet up for drinks sometime.”

I patted Molly on the shoulder. “Molly, that’s wonderful.”


“As long as you keep coming in to help us out when we’re swamped, I’m sure Alex wouldn’t mind giving you all the vacation time you’ll need to pursue your channel.”

Molly giggles, affectionate. “Thanks, honey. I appreciate that.”

My phone started to ring again. I quickly checked the caller ID, an unknown number.

“Who is it?” called Alex from the bathroom. His voice echoed down the long hall, along with the sweet and giddy little coos that Timmy made while lying on the changing table. Even while changing diapers, Alex’s mind was always concerned with work.

“I think it’s a client,” I answered. I brought the phone to my ear. “Hello? Ah, Angelica. Yes, no worries about rescheduling. What day works best for you? Tomorrow?”

Alex returned from the bathroom, Timmy’s bottom lightly powdered with a fresh diaper clinging to his hips. I gave Alex a knowing look. He looked damn good with a child in his strong arms. Fatherhood suited him very, very well.

“Oh, sorry, anything but tomorrow,” I said to the client over the phone. “Yeah. You see, I’m getting married tomorrow. But any other day would be great.”

Alex and I exchanged a smile. New firm, new family, new marriage.

Yes, we were definitely going to be too busy tomorrow.


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