Alice giggled, cheeks a bright shade of pink. “I really like the sound of that.”



I had to wonder if I was dreaming. If I was, I didn’t want to wake up. Never in a million years did I ever believe I’d find myself in a situation like this, stuck between two unbelievably attractive men who only seemed to want to shower me with their affection. My head was still a little numb from drinks at the bar, but I was still totally aware of what was going on. We stumbled back to the apartment together in a breathless, giddy hurry. The boys pulled and tugged at me to try and steal kisses and caresses, leaving me absolutely bubbly with delight. I was more than happy to give my enthusiastic consent. Especially when Max and Jeremy pulled their shirts off to leave no more room for doubt –they were definitely built like Greek statues.

Max was strong and hard and chiseled. He had defined pecks, a set of impressive washboard abs, and his muscular arms were absolutely to die for. He had a small scar across his lower left rib, the skin there lighter than the rest. It must have been incredibly old because the area was completely healed over, barely noticeable. I wanted to ask him what had happened, but I was suddenly too distracted with the beautiful snaking design of Jeremy’s tattoo. It wrapped around his upper right arm, along his shoulder, and down his chest. Now that I had an unobstructed view of it, I could see that it was an incredibly designed dragon breathing fire right onto his hard pecks. He also sported a set of amazing abs which only served to draw my eyes down to the front of his pants. I licked my lips, eager for the night to begin.

Jeremy’s bedroom was the closest, so the three of us wound up stumbling into the room and crashing onto his bed together. I was sandwiched between them, Jeremy facing me from in front while fervently kissing my lips, and Max behind me, sucking at my tender neck while he reached down to graze my waist with his hands and grind the front of his pants against my ass. A blunt hardness jabbed into my cheeks, a sign of his obvious arousal.

It was easy to lose myself in the large hands that roamed about my body and the heat we generated between us. The intoxicating scent of Jeremy’s pine body wash was perfectly complimented by the scent of Max’s sandal wood aftershave. They peppered a flurry of kisses on every inch of bare skin they could find before finally lifting my dress off of me to expose even more. As Max hurriedly unclasped my bra, I dragged my hands over Jeremy’s flat chest and sighed with pleasure as he dipped down to cup my breasts in his hands, teasing at my nipples with the tip of his tongue. Max was similarly intrigued by the curve of my back, running his hands up and down my smooth skin and drowning me in the fiery heat of his palms.

I couldn’t remember the exact order in which things happened next. At some point, both my boys stripped out of their pants, pulling their underwear down as well. I remembered being overwhelmed by the sight of their large, throbbing cocks, both standing fully erect and aching for attention. I knelt down before them, looking up with half-hooded eyes as I teased the head of their cocks with my tongue. I wrapped my fingers around Max’s shaft and slowly stroked him while I wrapped my lips around Jeremy, swirling my tongue around to pull the most sinful sounds from his throat. Max and Jeremy were no different in the bedroom than they were in any other situation. Jeremy was noisy, delightfully playful and carefree. Max was stoic as ever, rarely making a sound except to growl occasionally or hiss when I touched him just right.

I started to suck Jeremy down, hollowing my cheeks and worked him, inch by inch. I savored his taste on my tongue, reaching between my legs with my free hand to play with the wet warmth building up there.

Jeremy laced his fingers in my long hair and sighed, “That’s my girl. Fuck, your mouth feels so good.” His words were music in my ears. I continued to work him, slurping my way down until the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged a little out of reflex, but forced myself to breathe through the nose and keep going. I wanted Jeremy to keep praising me, to keep telling me how well I was doing. “Yes, Alice,” he purred, “just like that.”

Max must have been feeling a little neglected, because he moved to pick me up from off the floor. He lifted me easily, like I weighed nothing at all. I giggled in delight, turned on by how assertive he was. Max placed me on the edge of the bed and pushed my knees apart, dipping low to drag my delicate lace underwear from off my hips, down the length of my legs, just to abandon them onto the floor. Jeremy crawled onto the bed, too, cupping my face and kissing me hard, applying the slightest bit of pressure to get me to lie down on my back.