“Oh, God! Max, yes! Just like that!” I cried. I barely recognized the sound of my own voice. At this rate, I was going to cum all over again.

Jeremy tipped my chin up with his fingers and smirked. “Don’t forget about me, baby.”

A sudden clarity washed over my brain. I took his cock back into my mouth and hollowed out my cheeks, sucking him hard and in pace with Max’s thrusts. Max was ultimately the one setting the pace as my body bobbed along with him, forcing my head up and down Jeremy’s shaft at a steady speed. Jeremy kept playing with my hair while Max held me down by the waist, the both of them doing all the hard work so that I could just close my eyes and enjoy.

“Alice, your mouth,” Jeremy moaned. “Fuck, I think I’m gonna–”

“Me too,” Max grunted from behind, his thrusts suddenly become more erratic as he searched for more of that sweet friction.

I was close to climaxing again, too, that same familiar coil in my gut growing hotter and brighter with every pass of Max’s cock. I was drawing painfully close, but not soon enough. Reaching between my legs, I rubbed the pad of my middle finger over my clit wildly, shuddering hard as fireworks exploded within me. I moaned loudly as I came a second time that evening. The vibration of my voice down the shaft of Jeremy’s cock must have been exactly what he needed, because he pulled out and came into his hand, breathing hard. Behind me, Max gave two or three more strong thrusts before grunting and sighing, spilling over inside of me.

We collapsed onto the bed together, sweaty and sticky and so totally pleased with ourselves. Jeremy and Max momentarily left the room to clean up while I made myself at home and crawled beneath the covers. One moment, I was alone in the big bed. When I blinked, my men were lying beside me, cradling me together in their arms. Jeremy absentmindedly traced the lines of my neck and shoulders with the tip of his fingers while Max finally got his turn to kiss me, ardent and true. They kissed very differently, but not in a bad way. Jeremy was softer, gentler. Max was firm and powerful, the prickle of his stubble brushing against my face.

We didn’t talk about what just happened. There wasn’t really any need to. At least, not that second. All three of us were too blissed out of our minds to care. It wasn’t long before exhaustion settled in my bones and my mind eventually went blank, drifting off into sleep.



Well, damn. I supposed I could write ‘having a threesome’ off of my bucket list. Granted, I always used to think it would be me and two other girls, but I wasn’t going to complain. Was it weird seeing Max naked, fucking a girl we were sharing? A little. But we were roommates and work colleagues. I’d seen him in the showers at work –I wasn’t ogling him or anything like that, just a quick glance because I had no other choice– and he sometimes walked around the apartment without his shirt on.

No big deal.

We were both dudes.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

So why did it feel so fucking awkward this morning?

I woke up first, well before my alarm for work. Very quietly, I got dressed and exited the room, escaping to the kitchen to brew a fresh cup of coffee. I had a slight headache, but apart from that, my hangover was very minimal. Two minutes after I sat down at the table like I normally did, I heard Max shuffle out of my bedroom and retreat momentarily to his. I could tell it was him because his footsteps sounded like a fucking rhino was trotting on through, heavy and loud. He eventually returned, lingering in the hallway unable to make eye contact with me.

“Good morning,” I said, trying to sound like my usual cheerful self.

“Mhmm,” he grunted before reaching for the coffee pot.

I was normally used to quiet mornings, mainly because Max wasn’t much of a talker. He normally couldn’t manage to get a word in until his second cup of joe. But today felt different, a little tense. I started getting lost in my own head about things. Was I supposed to say something first? And if I was, what was I even supposed to say?

Hey, man. Guess who got laid? Us.

Yeah, no, that’d be stupid.

Max went about preparing breakfast, moving about like it was all muscle memory. It was only when Alice finally woke up and left the bedroom in nothing more than one of my spare shirts I’d thrown over the back of my desk chair that I could finally breathe. I examined her from head to toe, internally squealing at how fucking cute she looked with her hair a little messed up from a night of sex. She looked absolutely pint sized in my shirt, which stopped right below her knees.

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