I lost myself in the heated kisses Max seared into my back, all the while moaning with pleasure as Jeremy reached up and teased my hard nipples between his fingers. I felt a little selfish for wanting to cum so quickly, but having both their cocks inside me was just too much for me to handle. I needed release, and it was coming sooner than I expected. A tight coil inside my cored started to grow tighter and tighter, building with an intensity I could no longer hold back.

I shuddered as I came, holding onto Jeremy’s arms for dear life as the two of them continued to thrust into me, taking what they wanted without abandon. Max dug his fingers into my hips as he spilled over, nibbling on my ear as he breathed in hard, in tandem with his thrusts. Jeremy arched his back as he grabbed me by the waist. His hips bucked into me as he spilled over the edge, my name rolling off of his tongue as he slowly came down from his high.

We came tumbling down together onto our new bed, knotting ourselves in each other’s arms and legs. As always, I was in the middle, being showered from both sides with an indescribably amount of adoration and love. Max and Jeremy took turns kissing me, leaving my lips wonderfully swollen and red. If someone had told me months ago that I’d move to a new city, lose my apartment in a fire, have a scary run in with a crazy ex-boyfriend, but get to meet the two loves of my life, I wouldn’t have believed them.

“Consider this bed broken in,” chuckled Jeremy.

Max sighed. “Thank God I don’t have to feel your ugly feet on my calves anymore.”

Jeremy raised his foot and attempted to place it on Max’s stomach. “These feet?”

Max smacked him away. “You’re such a menace.”

“Are you one of those weirdos whose phobias is feet?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking abou– Get those ugly hammer toes away from me!”

“Alice, he’s bullying me! I don’t have hammer toes, do I?”

I could only manage a joyous laugh. Lying there with Max and Jeremy curled up in my arms, I was living nothing short of a dream.



The police caught up to Kellan fairly quickly after he set Jessy’s Diner ablaze. The cops managed to locate his car, which was stocked full of all sorts of fire-starting equipment, including cherry cans of gasoline, a box full of matches, lighters, and even sparklers and a tiny can of kerosene. With the statement that Jeremy made with them, accompanied with his official report to Chief Wilson, the police were finally able to link Kellan to all of the other fires that had been started about town. Apparently, forensics linked several chemicals that he used to the crime scenes, effectively landing himself a nice slice of prison time. And since he was breaking the terms of his parole, it would be a very long time before the three of us would ever have to worry about Kellan West again. He’d serve a good handful of years.

He could rot in prison, for all I cared.

Jeremy and I were sitting out on the patio of a little bistro up town, browsing through the restaurant’s fancy leather-bound menus. Everything was too fancy for my taste. What was wrong with enjoying a classic old burger every now and then? And why were their onion rings seven dollars? They were either fantastic, or someone in the back office was laughing all the way to the bank. I eventually decided on the nachos, because who didn’t like nachos?

Across from us, four of the chairs were still empty. We were waiting on my sister, my brother-in-law, and my little darling niece. It had been a month since Jeremy and I officially started dating Alice, and I figured it was about time my family meet the girl of me and Jeremy’s dreams.

An adorable toddler ran up to me, narrowly avoiding a water with a tray full of drinks. Hayley immediately crawled into my lap and hugged me tight, standing on the tops of my thighs with her itty-bitty shoes covered in cartoon cats with massive diamonds for eyes. The girl weighed nothing at all, so it didn’t hurt.

“Uncle Max!” she cheered. “Uncle Max, guess what I learned at school today?”

I chuckled. “What did you learn, sweetheart?”

“I learned to count to a hundred. Wanna see?”

Terri laughed as she approached, swooping in to pick up her daughter. “How about you show Uncle Max later?”

“Aww,” the girl complained. Her smile immediately came back when Jeremy stood up to come over and tickle her belly.

“No frowns for my favorite clown!” he declared, stealing her away for a moment to hug her tight.

I stood up from my chair and kissed Terri on the cheek. Her stomach was swelling with her second child. I patted her tummy gently. “How many months out are you?” I asked.

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