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I always thought that when I visited the City of Love, I would be here with someone. I used to daydream about meeting the love of my life here, to drink in all of the experiences that Paris had to offer. Lately, all I could think about was William. I wondered if he’d been here before. Surely he had, especially considering all of his royal connections. It was just a hop and a skip away from England, so it wasn’t too hard to imagine William sitting at a local Parisian café drinking coffee and enjoying sweet desserts.

I will admit that I looked him up. It was really hard not to. In this day and age of social media, how could I not check up on him. There were a couple of articles about him, something to do with charity work with local libraries and smaller hospitals in the English countryside. None of them seemed to have any pictures of him, though, which I thought was a right shame. If the reporters covering William had any brains, they’d slap his pretty face right on the cover of each article. His charming smile would sell papers and drive website traffic like hotcakes. Apart from charity work, there actually wasn’t much else I could find about him.

I wondered how he was doing. Had he fallen in love with some princess yet and forgotten all about me? Had he wooed some pretty model or actress? Were they spending their days laying about on the deck of some expensive yacht drinking cocktails and giggling stupidly with each other? It was a little silly how ridiculously jealous I got of these imaginary women, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if William was living it up in some exotic location.


I nearly jumped out of my skin. Instead, I dropped everything and whipped around. My mouth fell open so wide and so quickly I thought I heard my jaw pop right out of its sockets. My eyes fell upon a man with dark hair and familiarly stunning grey eyes. He was dressed casually in an oversized white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans. I had to admit was a bit jarring since I was so used to bespoke suits and designer ties. William had grown his beard out a little, coarse hair lining his sharp jaw.

“William?” I breathed.

As a smile broke out onto my face, William stepped forward quickly and snatched me up in his arms. He threaded his fingers through my hair and pressed his body against mine, trapping me between his strong frame and the door. Our lips crashed together in an instant, hungry tongues slithering over one another in order to get reacquainted. I gasped into his mouth, wrapped a leg around his hip. As he continued to kiss me hard, I grew more and more aware of the growing heat between my legs. It was like some sort of chemical reaction. Now that I had William in my arms again, no matter how explicable, my body was reacting in a show of wanting more.

“Help me get my door open,” I panted.

“Why don’t you just come to my room?” he suggested.

“Oh, right. Yeah. That’s smarter.”

William didn’t even need to let go of me. I circled my arms around his neck and hooked my legs around his hips as he dipped down to grab the handle of my luggage. He lifted us both into his room, kicking the door shut behind him with his foot. We breathed through our noses so we wouldn’t have to pull apart.

He dropped me off on the edge of his bed and pushed forward, his eager hands slipping beneath the grey sweatshirt I had on to pull it off. We undressed in a hurry. To be honest, it was a little frantic. I moved quickly, afraid that if I didn’t pin him down then and there, he’d disappear and leave me all alone again. I tugged his pants down with more strength than I realized I had, freeing his impressively hard cock.

“God, I missed you,” I breathed.

William dragged off my underwear and lay down between my knees, which I very happily spread apart. The air around us grew unbearably hot, leaving me in such a wonderful haze. When he pressed into me, I couldn’t contain the little whimper that bubbled past my lips. He quickly swallowed the noises I made as he snapped his hips into me furiously. The head of his cock hit my sweet spot every single time he drove into me, damn near knocking the air right out of my lungs.

I held on tight as he slammed me into the mattress, the tiny bedframe creaking under our weight. This was something desperate, something quick and hard and explosive like fireworks lighting up the night sky. A part of me wondered if I was still on the plane dreaming. If I was, I didn’t want anybody to wake me up. I kissed William again and again, nibbled on his bottom lip and dragged the tips of my fingers down his back, all in an attempt to figure out if he was real.

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