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Hannah clinked the rim of her glass against my own and nodded. “To wilder nights.”

The party was in full swing. The room felt like it was spinning, and the flashing array of lights did little to help ground me in the moment. It was nice to let loose sometimes. Back home, I had to adhere to strict protocol. It was suffocating. All I wanted was to feel warm and tingling and enjoy delicious food, sweet drinks, and enjoy the company of fantastically entertaining people. Was it really so hard to let a man enjoy the finer things in life every now and then?

After a drink or two or five –I didn’t keep track– I eventually found myself in the middle of the designated dance area with Hannah.

The way she moved was downright sinful.

I didn’t think the hotel receptionist had it in her. Our bodies moved together in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the music. Her round, perfectly shaped ass grinded against the front of my pants, practically taunting me. I had my hands on her waist, admiring how easily she was able to render me a useless, bumbling idiot. As the night dragged on, it got harder and harder to deny my attraction. Hannah was pressed up close to me, so close I could feel her warm breath and drink in the intoxicating aroma of her floral perfume. I would have been embarrassed at how hard she managed to get me, but I could tell by the way she wrapped her arms around my neck, stared at my lips like she was famished, that she wanted me, too.

At some point, all the noise, all of the heat of neighboring bodies faded into the background. The only thing on my mind was this gorgeous woman in my arms. She made it hard to think. She left my mind in a delightful haze, and I was perfectly content to stay in it. The longer I stared at her beautiful lips, the more I wanted to know what they felt like against mine. And it definitely didn’t help when she nibbled on her bottom lip the way she did. It was downright impossible to keep a clear head.

“Then don’t,” she hummed in my ear. It was then that I realized I said all of that aloud.

I combed my fingers through her hair and pressed my mouth to hers. Hannah groaned, languid and seductive. The sound went straight to my cock, which I realized was starting to become painful with want. I teased her lips open with the tip of my tongue, and she quickly opened up to allow my tongue space to explore. She tasted like champagne and all things good and bubbly. Her lips were full and soft and impossible to break away from. Hannah’s hand roamed about my body, dragging its way down my hard chest, my abs, and finally resting against the front of my pants.

“Please tell me there’s an empty room somewhere in this suite,” she whispered, a touch hopeful.

I smirked, licking my lips. “Follow me,” I said, taking her hand to guide her through the crowd. I was sure the rest of my mates would take good care of Andrew, who had incidentally passed out on the couch and was now being drawn on with what looked like –and hopefully wasn’t– permanent marker.

There were a total of four different bedrooms in the executive suite, varying in décor and size. The master bedroom was in the very back of the suite, far enough away from where the party was taking place to escape any unwanted attention. It was only accessible with my electronic keycard, so I wasn’t too worried about any guests popping in uninvited.

The second the door closed behind us, Hannah was on me, feverishly attacking my lips like she was on some sort of mission. She hooked one of her long legs over my hip, and I instantly lifted her up and carried her over to the massive California king-sized bed. There was a heap of pillows at the head of the bed, and the goose-down duvet and silk sheets felt like soft clouds beneath us.

I placed Hannah down on the bed, breathing through my nose so I wouldn’t have to stop kissing her. It was strangely addicting. I liked the way her body felt against my palm, beneath my curious fingers. She looked up at me with half-hooded eyes, long lashes tickling my cheeks. I pulled away for a moment, attempted to catch my breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked quickly. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

Hannah frowned at me. “I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t want to do anything. Yes, I’m okay.”

I sighed in relief. “Good. Good, I’m glad.”

Somehow, Hannah managed to spin us over and pinned my back to the mattress, straddling my hips with her thighs. She grinned at me playfully. “To wilder nights, remember?”