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I reached around and grabbed her tits, teasing at her nipples between my fingers as I rolled my hips against her. Hannah gripped at the sheets, laying her head down on a pillow as I set the pace. Her pussy was so wonderfully warm and slick and tight. I could feel her walls pulsing around my cock as I shoved into her. The sounds she made spurred me on, whining and groaning and whimpering for more. As I snapped into her a little faster, a little harder, I snaked a hand down to tease her swollen clit. Hannah shuddered, breathed harder.

“Oh,” she moaned. “Oh, just like that! You’re going to make me cum. Please, fuck me harder.”

I liked how devilishly wild this girl was. I didn’t expect to get lucky when I invited her to the party. I was definitely glad for the way things turned out that evening.

I fucked her hard. It was alarming how quickly things turned animalistic, my body moving of its own volition in search of friction and release. It wasn’t long before Hannah shuddered beneath my weight, practically screaming into the pillow supporting her head as she came hard. The tight walls of her pussy clamped down around me, offering me the resistance I needed to climax, too. I emptied into the condom, breathing hard as something electric spread from more core to the tips of my fingers and toes.

We collapsed onto the bed together, blissed out of our minds as the party in the living room continued well into the early hours of the morning. The bedroom walls were thick enough to muffle out most of the noise, so when I came back from the bathroom after having ditched the condom and cleaned up a bit, it was easy to slip under the covers with Hannah beside me. I must have been really good, because she was out like a light by the time I returned. I admired the gentle fall of her hair and the fullness of her thick lashes before sleep claimed me, too.



Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.

Did I really just have a one-night stand with a hotel customer? If my supervisor ever found out, I was so going to be fired. But despite the trouble that I knew I was in, I couldn’t help but feel absolutely fantastic. I was a little tipsy last night, but that was by design. I knew that I needed to get a couple of drinks in me to muster up the courage to sleep with William. I swore it was completely out of character for me. I liked to live life to the fullest, but that didn’t necessarily mean I was a Girls Gone Wild kind of gal. Of course, there wasn’t anything wrong with being at peace with one’s sexuality. I just wasn’t the type to jump the bones of the first guy who showed mild interest in me.

I awoke around the crack of dawn, the sunlight streaming in through the bedroom curtain hitting me right in the eyes. It was almost like Mother Nature was looking out for me, the ray of sunshine a warning for me to sneak out as soon as possible. I managed to locate my dress on the floor and slip back into it, tiptoeing about so that I didn’t wake William.

He snored softly, laying on his back spread-eagle on the massive bed. He looked at peace, handsome in the soft glow of the morning sun. Last night had been magical. It was raw and rough and exactly what I thought I needed to get out of the funk that was my life. It was fun, freeing. But I knew it couldn’t last forever. I had to go back to my life working full-time as a hotel receptionist. William had to go back eventually to do… Well, whatever it was that he did. Talking hadn’t exactly been something we were interested in using our mouths for last night.

I snuck out of the bedroom and carefully maneuvered my way through the living room to the front door. A number of party guests were passed out on the floor, on nearby furniture. A few of them were starting to stir, so I thought it was best to move quickly to avoid any unnecessary attention. The second I stepped out into the hallway, I breathed in the cool, crisp air. The hotel suite smelled of sweat and a mix of expensive cologne, perfume, and spilled alcohol. I hopped into the elevator and travelled all the way down to the ground floor, expertly sneaking through the halls to the tiny room at the dead-end of the east wing.

Yes, that was right. Not only did I work in the hotel, I lived there, too.

A year ago, after Milton broke up with me, I had nowhere to go. Even though it was my furniture that filled the apartment, it was his name that was on the lease. So, when things ultimately ended between us, he wound up kicking me out. I was allowed to come back for a suitcase full of clothes and things like my laptop and phone, but that was about it. Milton got the better half of stuff after our split, and I was still incredibly bitter about it.