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She wiped her nose with the back of her sleeve and sniffled. Her eyes were puffy and red.

“Thank you, Edgar,” she managed. “I really needed to hear that.”

My eyes wandered down and settled on her lips, which were enticingly full and perfect. I held my breath when Daliah leaned in slightly, closing her eyes in anticipation. I couldn’t deny myself any longer, struggling far too hard to stay in control. There was just something about her –from the way she spoke to the way she looked at the world– that had me yearning for more.

I dipped my head down and captured her lips with mine, pleased by her soft moan into my mouth. Our kiss was gentle at first, soft and cautious and shy. Things quickly evolved, though, exploratory tongues peaking out to sneak a taste. I snaked my arms around her waist to pull her in tight as she circled her arms around my neck. Daliah stood on her toes to better reach while I bent down to meet her halfway. The sensation of her body against mine was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. In this moment, there were no worries about the future nor the past. It was just us, lost and enraptured in a deep, passionate kiss.

When Daliah rolled her hips against me, I knew I was a goner. I pulled away instantly, breathless and dizzy.

“What is it?” she asked, confused.

“Is this– I mean, is this okay?” I rushed. “I know you’re upset, and I don’t want to– I mean, are you okay like this?”

In response, Daliah pressed her mouth against mine. “I’m more than okay. You?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m good.”

“What do you say if we moved this to my bedroom?” she asked.

“If your crooked coffee table is anything to go by, I’d question the structural integrity of your bed. But I’m all for it if you are.”

Daliah giggled as she pressed the flat of her palms against my chest and slowly guided me towards her room.



This all felt like a dream. Edgar’s large hands wandered about the curves and dips of my body, pulling at the fabric of my clothes to slip them off of me. He touched me gently, like I was delicate crystal that would shatter and break if treated too harshly. I lay on my back, legs wrapped around Edgar’s hips as he held himself over me between my knees. All of my clothes found themselves abandoned on the floor, leaving me completely exposed to his hungry gaze. Edgar pressed heated kisses down the length of my neck, down my bare chest, and teased at a hard nipple with a fleeting graze of the tongue. I moaned whenever he sucked at my skin hard enough to leave the area red and tender, and quivered whenever he dragged his hands down my hips to grab at my ass. He worked his way down until his tongue started to tease at my swollen clit, which forced all of the air out of my lungs.

“Edgar!” I exclaimed, throwing my head back into my pillows.

He chuckled, but refused to move away. He circled his tongue about, applying steady, even pressure. The rough surface of his tongue, slicked wet with saliva, was enough to make my entire body ache with want. Edgar pressed a single finger into me and curled his digit in a beckoning motion, the intensity building in the pit of my stomach catching off guard. With two very simple actions, Edgar had successfully managed to draw out every languid, heavy moan from deep within me within a matter of seconds.

“Do you like that?” he growled, looking up at me with his hauntingly dark brown eyes.

“Yes,” I gasped. “Y-yes, I do.”

He slowly inserted a second finger and continued his beckoning motion, returning to work with his tongue. The stretch had me involuntarily arching my back, waves of pleasure mixed with excitement coursing through my veins. I ran my fingers through his hair, grasped at the cool sheets beneath me. I writhed beneath his touch, panting hard as a tight, unbearably hot coil started to build up pressure within me.

“Edgar, I’m– Please, I can’t wait any longer. Just–”

Without further prompting, Edgar got up onto his knees and stripped out of his shirt, once again gracing me with his chiseled form. The only difference this time was that I was allowed to see him. I wasn’t sneaking a quick, forbidden peak. This was Edgar on glorious display, and I drank in every detail like a thirsty wanderer. He quickly pulled down his pants and boxers, hooking his thumbs over the waistbands, and allowed his swollen member freedom. I licked my lips, too stunned and eager to think of doing anything else. His length was impressive, surrounded by a nest of dark, wiry hairs. His sensitive skin was red, the tip dripping with want.

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