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“You don’t happen to have a–”

I immediately reached into my nightstand’s drawer and pulled out condom, tossing it to him in an embarrassing hurry. Edgar ripped the tin packet open and slipped the rubber over his swollen member before gripping me by the knees. He peered down at me, pupils blown wide and lips parted slightly.

“Are you still okay?” he asked me, voice brilliantly gruff.

“Yes,” I huffed.

He pressed into me at an excoriatingly slow pace, not stopping until he bottomed out. I whined beneath his weight, burning hot and only wanting more. Edgar leaned down to scoop me back up in his arms, kissing me hard as he began to rock his hips. It was overwhelming, really, to be covered in the scent of his body and drowned with the taste of his mouth. His rhythm started out slow and even, building us both up until we were breathing hard against each other. He moaned into my mouth as he snapped his hips, thrusting me into the mattress with increasing urgency to search for more friction. I gripped at him, dug my fingers into the flesh of his back, lost in the way he practically chanted my name.

It wasn’t long before the terrifying heat within me finally overflowed, washing me from head to toe in wave after wave of ecstasy. I shuddered hard as I came, sucking on Edgar’s bottom lip ferociously as he reached the brink of climax. He bucked, pace faltering, as he eventually came down from our shared high. Edgar placed sweet kisses along the line of my jaw, nibbling at my ear lobe and moaning with pure satisfaction. The rest of the evening was a blur, memories scattered between cheeky kisses and teasing caresses until the night came and ushered us off to sleep.

I awoke to an empty bed the next morning, the vacant space beside me made up. The morning sunlight streamed in through a crack in the curtains, making it impossible for me to return to bed. I instinctively found myself reaching out for Edgar, only to find disappointment and frustration when I couldn’t find him there. The night before had been amazing, there was no doubt about that, but now I had to deal with a multitude of unwanted and difficult questions.

What was going to happen now? Was Edgar even serious about me? Or was this just a fling to him? There was an undeniable attraction between us, a spark of electricity too powerful to ignore. But I barely knew him. Heck, I still didn’t even know what he did for a living. After everything that had happened, I’d been too distracted to ask. It was possible that Edgar was just looking for a bit of fun. I knew for a fact that the girl next door was a fantasy a lot of men tended to harbor. In fact, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted. Sacramento and my art fellowship had been a way out of my small-town life. I was here in the big city to concentrate on my work. Was pursuing a relationship –if I could even call what me and Edgar had a relationship– really worth pursuing?

My mind traced back to the night before, recalled all the things Edgar said to me prior to our kiss. Todd used to that all the time. We had our ups and downs. He’d build me up, treat me really well. When we were good, we were very good. But I wasn’t ever enough for him, never quite perfect enough to meet all of his need. Todd had the attention span of a goldfish. He’d get bored, started to see me more as an annoying girlfriend than a loving one, and the downward spiral of negative comments and doubt would fill the space between us. That was another big reason I decided to leave him behind. I didn’t need that negativity anymore. So what was I doing with Edgar? Was I jumping in too soon? What if he was just another Todd? It’d definitely explain why he felt the need to get up and leave without so much as a goodbye.

“Typical,” I grumbled under my breath.

I threw off my covers and slipped out of bed, trudging over to my messy wardrobe to pull out some underwear and an over-sized shirt I normally used as a smock. I got dressed and tied my tangled hair up on a bun before heading out into the kitchen to grab something to eat.

I stopped almost immediately when I found a man in nothing more than my hot pink cooking apron preparing breakfast over my stove. Edgar’s backside was completely exposed, gracing with a perfect view of his shapely ass in the morning light. A laugh escaped my chest, bubbling past my lips despite all attempts and playing it cool. Edgar turned and smiled, holding a frying pan in one hand and a plastic spatula in the other.