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“Those were the conditions of the agreement, yes,” I laughed.

Edgar left my side and answered his phone, dipping outside for a few minutes to take the call. I returned to the floor, greeting enthusiastic guests. I looked around at the art gallery full of my art and beamed. Never in a million years did I think this was possible. After years of hard work, picking up odd jobs just to get by, the day was finally here. I felt like I was dreaming, what with all the beautiful colors and twinkling accent lights splashing the room with a sense of whimsy and surrealism. If I really was dreaming, I didn’t want to wake up.

Edgar returned after a few moments, looking a bit stunned. He returned to my side, slipping his hand into mine. I frowned in concern when he didn’t say anything right away.

“Is everything okay?” I asked. “Who called you?”

“That was the President,” he said hoarsely.

“What? Like, the President of the United States?” I teased, knowing full well he didn’t mean it like that.

“The President of the Board of Directors at the hospital.”

I gasped, standing straight. “And?”

“You’re looking at the new Chief of Surgery.”

My mouth fell open in delighted surprise. I threw my arms around Edgar and held him tight, too ecstatic for my own good. He pulled me into a deep, slow kiss, just as overjoyed as I was. In that moment, everything else melted away. Nothing else mattered except for his lips on mine and how tenderly he held me. The smooth jazz that played over the gallery speakers faded away, the background chatter of guest conversations blurred into nothing, and the walls of art that surrounded us dripped out of my vision. Things were really coming up for us, and I was more than happy to share in our moments of success.

When we got home around two in the morning, the first thing Edgar did when we arrived at his apartment was pick me up and press me against the hallway wall. He grabbed my ass greedily as he shoved his tongue into my mouth, eager to learn and understand every detail. I clung to him, arms circled around his neck, as he rolled his hips up against me. Edgar knew exactly what he was doing, touching me and kissing me in a way that left me undeniably hot and bothered. He eventually carried me toward his bedroom, fluidly unzipping the back of my dress before placing me down gently on the mattress.

Edgar stripped me down with a surprising amount of grace who’d downed the leftover champagne from the art show. I lay naked on his bed, a bloom of red spreading across my chest from desire. He quickly slipped out of his own clothes and climbed over top of me, hungrily capturing my lips as his large hands roamed over my body. Edgar moved deliberately, an intense focus in his eyes that left me paralyzed in electric anticipation. He released me momentarily so that he could shuffle through his bedside table in search of a condom. But before he had a chance to slip it on, I sat up and shimmied my way over to the edge of the bed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Do you not want to?”

“No, I do,” I whispered. “But there’s something I want to do for you, first.” I got up from the bed and kneeled before him, licking my swollen lips as I eyed his swollen length.

He placed a gentle hand on the side of my face. “You don’t have to, Daliah.”

“I want to,” I insisted.

Edgar opened his mouth, about to say something, but his words died on his tongue the moment I took the head of his cock past my lips. He groaned, low and languid, shuddering when I started to circle my tongue about his sensitive skin. Edgar sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth as I slowly took him in my mouth, inch by inch, until he hit the back of my throat and I was nose-deep in wiry hairs. I hollowed out my cheeks and sucked, mindful to avoid any contact with my teeth.

“Daliah,” he grunted, “fuck.”

I bobbed my head up and down, swirling my tongue about wildly while sucking at an even pressure. I could feel his cock swell in my mouth, turning red and angry for even more friction. Edgar laced his fingers into my hair and gripped at the base of the roots, doing his best not to force my movements, but also to encourage where he could.

“Daliah, stop,” he groaned, “I’m not– I can’t last long like this.”

I pulled away, releasing his throbbing member. It stood fully erect before me, dripping at the tip.

“Get back on the bed,” he ordered, not forcefully.

I did as instructed, and lay on my back, knees eagerly spread so he could take what he wanted. This was only our second time together, but I felt wholly comfortable with Edgar. He was a man who knew what he needed and what he was doing. I felt safe with him, completely at ease and willing to submit to his every desire. Edgar climbed up onto the bed and aligned himself, pressing into me with a quick snap of his hips. The pleasure that spread throughout my body was enough to have me simultaneously gasp in air and hold my breath, a choked sound stopping in the center of my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut when Edgar started up at a rapid pace, hitting me over and over again in just the right spot that had me seeing stars.

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