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“Come to me,” I hear, through the crowd which seems to open up, giving us an uninterrupted view of each other for just a moment. I arch my brow, smirk then run through double doors and into another room and then another. The tightness of the bodice is making this hard to breathe as I giggle and run. I lock a large wooden door and find the light. I’m in an extensive, spectacular library. A leather winged back chair is big enough to disguise me in the room if I can stop giggling. I’ve never felt so free in all my life. Maybe it’s the resolution that my fate wasn’t up to me, or maybe that my mate sends my pulse racing and my pussy tingling. I rub my breasts, wondering what it would feel like to have his hands on me.

He found me. I can feel him in the room. Now, I know why he was always on my mind throughout the years. I could sense his presence around me even though I couldn’t see him. He appears in front of me. I stare at my future, and I’m not afraid. “Don’t run from me, my enchanting Allegra.” He releases a few “tsk tsks” at me, wagging his finger. Can I run again? I think to myself. “I wouldn’t try it, my sweet.”

Before I can run again, he blocks me in with his strong hands on each arm. He stares at me like I’m prey. Eyes so blue, he can’t hide what he is. I whisper, “I’ve been waiting—now claim me.”

He leans forward, dropping his lips to mine, in my first kiss. I moan, clutching at the lapels of his tuxedo jacket, sliding my hands under it and feel his beating heart. It’s faster than I could have ever imagined. “Alaric,” I sigh. “Should kill you.”

He pulls back, and brushes my mouth with his, uttering, “But you can’t, little hunter. Soon you will be mine in every way. From the way, your heart beats to the sound of your cries as you come for your mate in ultimate ecstasy will be mine for the taking. I have longed for you these four years. I’ve watched you, wishing to take away your pain and waiting for you to grow up just a little more. It was hard to continue to wait, but now the time is over. Our eternity begins now, Allegra.” His mouth closes over mine again, kissing me until I’m panting and out of breath.

He pulls back and whispers, “Thank you for saving me, my love. I have a little retreat for us before we return to my castle.”


“What is a vampire without his castle?” he jokes. I start to giggle, but it makes him growl. I bit my bottom lip, holding back the instant moan his power drags out of me. “No time for laughs, my love. Become mine. I don’t want to wait another minute to have you.”

“Please take me however you please,” I beg, clawing at his buttons. He slips off his jacket effortlessly, but he lets me handle his buttons while slipping his hand under my back and sliding down my zipper. “Ugh, I can’t get to you fast enough,” I complain. And with a swift movement of his, both of us are naked on the floor in front of a blazing fire lying on a rug, I didn’t notice before. His strong muscles tighten as he leans on his hands to stare at me. “So damn beautiful.”

Alaric lowers his head, and trails kisses down my neck, grazing my flesh. I turn my head, giving him more room to take my past and change my future. Only one night a year can they turn those they drink from. Tonight that will be me. My fate was written since my birth. My father and I knew it, but we tried to fight it. No more. I want to surrender to Alaric.

He doesn’t bite me just yet. Instead, he moves lower, gliding his tongue over my breasts, licking each one before taking my hard nipples into his mouth.

Chapter 6


After four years my senses demand I make this quick, but I must take my time and make it special for both of us. I’ve never known the touch of another woman, vampire or other, and I’m grateful that she’s my only one even if the wait for her has been unbearable. I’ve longed to claim her, envisioned her in so many ways that the sound of her heart beating for me nearly undoes me. My cock stiffens more and more with every beat. Moving lower, I kiss her slender waist then her flat stomach that will soon be filled with my son. I nip at her, but I don’t pierce her perfect flesh.

Sliding between her thighs, I nudge them apart with my shoulders. I want to breathe her in, and savor the hot, wet pheromones that she’s releasing, making my mouth water. “Now, don’t make too much noise my love. I don’t want to have an audience as I take my bride,” I warn her, cupping her ass and lifting her pussy up into my face.

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