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She moans, letting her legs fall to the side until my tongue grazes the seam of her pussy. “Alaric, oh my Lord.”

“That I am,” I growl against her. “Say it again,” I demand, nipping at her thigh.

She clenches her sexy thighs around my head and cries out, “Yes, my Lord, Alaric please claim me. I need you.” I smile against her sweet cunt, slipping my thumbs into her wetness.

I groan and grunt while she releases a long moan as I drink her juices and tease her clit that begs for my attention. I pull it between my teeth, taking my time sucking and licking her nub until her pussy spasms. Then she gives me all her cum. The tightness in my balls makes it hard to think straight, but I’m not even close to finished with my mate. I rise over her, my cock rubbing on her clit, rocking my length up and down until she’s ready for me. I’m going to hurt her, but that has to happen, and it gives me pleasure to know she’s only mine.

I bend down, leaning on my elbows and kiss her roughly running my hands up her body, feeling her tender skin under my fingers. “You’re mine, Allegra. I want to feel your body sing for me.”

“Do you want to come only for me?”

She thrusts her hips up, giving my answer while she drags my face down to hers kissing me and clawing her nails down my back. With a roll of her hips, she slides the tip inside, and I lose control. Jets of my cum spray her entrance, but my cock won’t go down any time soon. I complete our connection in one swift movement and take her innocence, then I take her blood.

Chapter 7


His fangs barely prick my skin then I feel nothing but pleasure from his claiming. We were meant to mate. Thus his bite screams desire through my veins summoning a new hunger for pure passion. Releasing me quickly, he licks my wound which seals it closed. His bright blue eyes stare into mine, penetrating my thoughts. “You are mine, my sweet Allegra,” he whispers, thrusting himself deeper into my pussy. I shake with need all over again. I can feel my fangs sliding down from my gums. He smiles when he sees them, pumping even more violently into me. I feel my pussy throbbing, clenching for more. One more, long and deep claim on my core, and I’m coming for him as he empties out every drop of his cum into my womb.

“You are tired,” he says, leaning over me as I lay on the rug.

“I’m not, my mate,” I argue, breathing heavily under his gaze. My heart’s beat has picked up double time, but it’s not about the change in me. It’s the natural lust I feel for him. I’m ready to go again.

“Are you ready again?” he asks as if he hears my thoughts. As if understanding my concern, he adds, “I feel your emotions. I sense your longing.” He grabs me fast and flips me on my belly, lifting me to my knees. He leans over my back and whispers, “This time fast and hard. I want you to feel me with every step you take.” He slams into me, rocking me forward. I grab the edge of the rug and go for a ride. His strong hand squeezes one side of my hip as the other cups my breast, moving from one hard nipple to the other, plucking and rubbing them until I arch my back up come on his cock. He roars as he fills me up again. He pulls me back into his arms, and bites down on my pulse, making me come again.

Noise from the other rooms below can be heard.

“We need to get away, but first, are you up for a dance?” he asks me with a smile.

“I’d love nothing more, Alaric,” I say.

“Oh, my love, I promise there is much more to desire.”

“Yes, that I’m certain, but I sense that once we’re alone, there will be too much to occupy our time.”

“I will always dance with you, my queen. Come. Let’s enjoy the ball.”

Chapter 8


Dressing quickly, we both check our appearances before making our way back to the ball below. There are people moving around the place, almost oblivious to us as they enjoy the wine and conversations. I don’t know anything about this place other than the Oakes Mansion is full of supernatural beings. Some who are clearly lusting for their mates as much I crave to take Allegra again. I nod and smile at several couples who acknowledge us as I lead my bride to the center of the floor. With a bow to each other, I take her hand and dance around the room. “You’re so beautiful, Allegra.”

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