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A blush steals over her face, sending my hunger for her into insane need. I press her flat to my body, then run my nose down from her cheek to her shoulder, watching her shiver as her flesh craves mine. “Alaric,” she sighs. Even with our scents mingled, I can still smell her heat building for me. Jealously, I wonder if others can as well. Perhaps dancing around, so many bloody beasts was a bad idea.

We twirl around the room, creating a small audience. When the music ends, those watching us cheer. “Are you ready, my sweet?”

“Yes, my mate.” We make our exit, giving a simple thank you to the hosts. Then I whisk her off to our little getaway.

“Where are we?” she asks, rubbing her hands under my jacket as we stand in front of our cabin. I hold her close and unlock the door.

“Just outside Montreal,” I admit vaguely.

“Canada?” she shouts with a beautiful smile crossing her face.

“Yes, my mate. Come this is our little home for the night.” The cabin has the latest in security. It’s not as if we need it in this isolated area, but I don’t want to be disturbed for the next day or so.

We enter the small wooden space, and I turn on the main room’s light. Everything is as I placed it for us. “Are you hungry?”

“Not for food.” The glint in her eyes gives no doubt what she’s hungry for.

“Good.” I pull her into my chest and slam my mouth down on hers kissing her until I feel her fangs lower down. Fuck, I’m so damn turned on. I run my tongue along them, and she freezes for a moment. “What’s wrong, my sweet?”

“Oh my, I could have hurt you.” She covers her mouth like I didn’t mark her already with my own.

“No, you can’t, my beloved. We are mates unless you truly wished to hurt me.”

“Did you have other mates or lovers?” she asks hesitantly.

I brush her hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear. “No. Only you. I knew you were mine from the morning after I changed.” I pick her up and pin her to the wall, kissing her again. I tear her clothes off while she rips off mine. I grab her thighs and lift them over my waist holding her by her ass. Her pussy clenches around my long, thick cock, ready to take more of my seed. The idea of breeding her with my little vampires sends me into a frenzied need. I thrust into her slamming her onto the wooden door. Our bodies repeatedly rock, banging on the door as we fuck hard and fast. She cries out, coming around my dick. We kiss frantically, then she drags her mouth away and comes down on my shoulder, biting me for the first time, and I come deep into her womb.

She releases her fangs from my skin, then she licked the wound closed like I did hers. I’m nowhere near done with her. I carry her with my cock deep inside to the large bed, sitting with my back against the headboard. “Fucking ride me,” I demand, spanking her ass.

“Yes,” she agrees, clamping her hands onto the headboard and bouncing on me. I look between us to see her slick pussy soaking my cock. “Fill me up,” she screams, throwing her head back. I press my hands around her smooth back, rubbing her up and down while I pump up into her. Roaring, I lift myself up and flip her onto her back, thrusting into her until she comes for me again.

Chapter 9


Our sweaty bodies lay intertwined on the bed. We haven’t moved since last night, but I have so many questions about his life before he became a vampire. I know a lot about vampires, but what I want to know is more about my Alaric.

“What was your life like before you came to Manchester all those years ago?”

“I grew up in Indiana in an orphanage going from place to place in foster homes and stuff until I aged out.”

“Wow, do you know what happened to your parents?”

“Yes, but I didn’t know about them until after I became a vampire. And that’s how I ended up with the castle.”

“Please continue,” I say, sitting up in the bed, crossing my legs and clasping my fingers together.

“Well, it seems my family knew that I was destined for a future as a vampire or that’s what they believed. It appears their seer in the area was more than just superstition. The home was left to me and cared for by the longtime family help. My parents were hunters, too, but they were killed shortly after they gave me away to America. They hoped I would be cared for, but since they died, the solicitor for my wealth lied and left me to the whims of the foster care.”

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