“There was a note,” I say flatly, not even sure I want to know what the hell it says.

“Yes. In my father’s handwriting.” She pulls out her phone and shows it to me.

“They’ll never know, but we do,” I say, reading the message out loud. “That bastard.”

“He was, and he used that hourglass that my mother created to deliver that message. It was really an insult to her, as well. Jax, Hunter—”

“Say it,” I press. “Say it because I can’t get myself to say it.”

“Hunter was my father’s son. I have no doubt.”

And there it is. The truth that punches me in the gut. I flashback to that day that her father was in Hunter’s office, and I know what my dreams have been trying to tell me. They looked alike. And even knowing this was coming, knowing deep down, from the moment she told me about the DNA test, that is was true, it’s hell to accept. But I have no choice. “Yes,” I say tightly, “I believe he was.”

“That’s weird for us, right?”

“We’re not related, baby. And that’s the least of our worries. Here’s the bottom line: someone wants us to know what we don’t know, as proven by that note left with the DNA test last night. And someone thinks we know what we don’t know.”

“My brother and Randall.”

“Exactly. As long as those unknowns exist, trouble is right around the corner.”

“We have to find out the truth and deal with it. I get that we’re trying, but we’re getting nowhere. My mother won’t call me back. It’s worrying me. I need to see Chance.”

“And say what?”

“He knows what happened to Hunter. I’ll make him tell me.”

“And if he doesn’t?”

“Then somehow your trap needs to be a way to force him into telling us. And before I forget. When we were leaving your office, Brody and Jill were having a powwow in a private office. He was saying that he had to do something about me. Believe it or not, she told him to wait; there was still hope you were using me.”

“Did it seem romantic? Because if you remember, they dated before her and Hunter.”

“I do remember that very weird fact, but Brody was too erratic for me to judge. She seemed more like a big sister calming him down, but I could have misread that. Savage will likely have a better read.”

I glance at my watch. “Damn. I have a meeting I have to go to, and we haven’t even talked about the plan to deal with your brother. Let’s both give Grayson and Eric a ride to the airport. We can all talk about it then.”

Her spine stiffens. “Oh no. I’m uncomfortable talking to them about my brother before we talk. I’d rather not.”

I don’t push her. She’s right. We need to talk about this, just her and I. “Fair enough. I’ll be a while then. Do you want me to walk you to the house?”

“I don’t want Walker to have to watch me there and keep the castle secure. I’ll stay here if they can get me my MacBook. And if it’s safe. Is the security system back up?”

I grab my phone. “I’m texting Savage.” I key in the message. “If Chance attacks my family and this business is this family—”

“You’ll fight back,” she supplies. “I know that, but I’d prefer we go back to San Francisco and just confront him, so that we stop him from doing something stupid. But maybe it needs to be just me. You can’t leave the Harvest.”

“Not a chance in hell. I will not let you risk your life.”

“He’s my brother.”

She says that like it’s the armor that protects her; it’s not. “So was Hunter,” I remind her, “and we both have reason to believe he knew. Not to mention, York is angry as hell and on the loose.” My phone beeps with a reply from Savage. I scan it and look at her. “Savage says you’re good. He’ll have your MacBook brought to you. And the castle is secure. His team setup their own power source for security, whatever that means.” I push off the stool and step to her side, my hand sliding under her hair to settle on her neck. “We’ll leave tomorrow.”

“No, Jax. Your Harvest. You can’t leave.”

“I’ve done enough here. And you’re right, we need to just face Chance. I need to be ready for that to backfire, but we need to be done with this. We’ll leave tomorrow.” I kiss her temple. “I’ll meet you here in about three hours. If you want to go back to the house, just tell Savage. You have his number, right?”

“I do. His and Smith’s.”

“Right. Good. I better go.” I kiss her again, and this time, my lips linger on hers. “I don’t like leaving you alone.”

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