I catch Jax’s arm. “I say do it. He’s right. Randall is all about money.”

He cuts his stare in obvious thought and then nods. “Do it.”

Chance pulls his phone from his pocket and punches in a number. “John. I need you.”

“John is his attorney,” I whisper to Jax, and John is then put on speakerphone. A few minutes later, we’ve all agreed on a document John promises to send over in fifteen minutes.

Jax slides the first document in front of Chance. Chance reads over it and laughs. “You’re good, North. This makes anything else we sign worthless if you know this exists.”

“Which your attorney won’t,” Jax says.

“Brilliant,” Chance says, removing a pen from his jacket and signing before sliding it back to Jax.

Jax indicates additional documents. “These are two copies of the same castle deed. One I sign to you and one you sign to me. Timestamp yours for fifteen minutes from now.” Jax hands Chance one of the documents.

Chance doesn’t even blink. He does what Jax requests and returns the document to him. Jax then signs over the castle to Chance and hands him the deed, that is now worthless. Chance shakes his head, a smile on his face. “All the stress I had over this could have ended this easily.” He reaches into his pocket and hands me an envelope. “That’s your inheritance document. John should approve the wire in the next few days, if not sooner.”

A knock sounds on the door and Becca walks in. “John said to give this to you right away.”

“Thanks, Becca,” Chance says, reviewing the document as she disappears out of the room. “Looks good.” He sets it in front of me and Jax. “If this doesn’t get a confession out of Randall, we won’t get one.”

Jax and I both read over the document and then hand it off to Chance. “When will you talk to him?” I ask.

“In about half an hour, sis. I know you’re eager to be safe and free. I’ll call you soon.”

We all stand up, and I stuff my inheritance document in my purse, watching as Jax and Chance shake hands. Chance then grabs me, and much like he always has, he forces me into an exaggerated hug. I love these hugs. “Thank you, Chance,” I whisper, holding onto him tightly.

“Anything for you, Bird Dog.” He pulls back to look at me. “You’re glowing. Jax makes you happy.”

“Yes,” I agree. “He does.”

“Good.” He glances at Jax over my shoulder. “Don’t hurt her or war begins again.”

“As it should,” Jax assures him.

Chance releases me. “When do you leave for Maine and the castle that Jax still owns?”

“Tomorrow morning,” I say.

He scrubs his jaw. “That’s fast. Fuck. Really fast, considering I know you’re leaving for good but okay. Will you still work here?”

“Yes. I’ll see you through the merger and decide what comes next then. From Maine. I need to work remotely.”

“You know I already said you can do what works for you.” He shifts the topic. “I’ll see you off at the airport. Text me your flight information.”

A few minutes later, Jax and I have set Billie free of his duty here, and we’re back in the SUV, that surreal feeling back with force. Jax laces his fingers with mine. “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” I say. “One chapter closed.”

“And an entire new book now begins,” he supplies, kissing my hand.



Savage shuts us inside the SUV.

One chapter closed.

Chance did me right. He did his sister right, too. As the SUV pulls away from the building for the short ride to the bank, Emma pulls out her inheritance envelope. “I don’t know why I don’t seem to want to open it.”

Of course, she doesn’t. It’s from her shithead father who used it as a weapon against her brother.

“There’s no rush.” I stroke her hair. “Do it tonight. Do it whenever it feels right.”

She nods but doesn’t put the envelope away or open it. A block later, when we halt at the bank, she says, “Tonight, I think,” stuffing it back into her purse.

I think she might need some North Whiskey to go through with it even then. Luckily, I’m well connected. I’ll order her up an extra special bottle. She scoots out of the vehicle, and I follow, ushering her inside the bank lobby. “What are we doing here, exactly?”

“Remember, earlier, when I said you’ll see?”

Her brows furrow. “About the gifts?”

“The necessities. Yes.” A banker walks toward us, and I catch Emma’s hand, greeting the thirty-something redhead named Mona, who is quick to settle us into her office.

“What can I do for you today?” Mona asks.

“I need you to add Emma to my accounts.”

Emma blanches. “What? No.” She rotates to face me. “No.”

Mona clears her throat. “Do you need a moment?”

“No,” I say. “Get her a signature card.” I set a card on the desk with my account numbers on it.

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