“Absolutely no problems,” he responds to me.

There was a time when I felt compelled to have him give me a play by play of the mission, but these days, I find I don’t care. It’s a combination of inherently trusting Kynan and getting burned out with The Jameson group. Now that I’ve been running The Wicked Horse Vegas, I find myself completely fulfilled. I have more money than I know what to do with, and I get to have off-the-hook sex whenever I want. Tell me how I could have a better job?

I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity my former marine buddy, Cain Bonham, presented to me when he introduced me to his boss, Bridger Payne. Cain knew I was looking to back away from The Jameson group and that I had quite a bit of money to invest in a new business opportunity. Cain also knew Bridger was looking to franchise The Wicked Horse in Wyoming. He put us in touch and after several meetings as well as checking each other out, we formed a partnership to open The Wicked Horse Vegas. While the clubs are very different in setup and services offered, they are still clubs that allow people to indulge in their sexual fantasies. It’s just that here in Vegas… we do it with a bit more showmanship and pizazz.

“We’ve been asked to bid on a contract by the French government for an operation they would like us to assist the French Foreign Legion with,” I tell Kynan. “I sent the information to you through our encrypted server. Take a look at it and rough me up a proposal.”

“Sure thing, boss,” he replies confidently as he settles deeper in his chair, propping an ankle on top of the opposite knee. “Anything else before I head home and do about five loads of laundry?”

I hesitate for only a moment about whether to bring this up, but I decide it’s good if someone else knows about it. “Jayce Barnes reared his ugly face again.”

Kynan doesn’t say anything, but his eyebrows rise with curiosity and surprise. He waits for me to continue.

“Actually, his sister showed up at the club yesterday. She asked to collect on the favor I owe Jayce for saving my life.”

“What was the favor?” Kynan asks.

“She needed money. Got in trouble with a loan shark to the tune of twenty-five thousand, and he roughed her up a little bit. Jayce sent her to collect the favor.”

“The favor is for you to give her twenty-five?” he asks for clarification.

Shaking my head, I lean back in my seat. I distractedly pick at the leather armrests before admitting to him, “It was a loan she wanted with special repayment options. She’s broke and doesn’t have the ability to repay it, at least not in a timely manner.”

“And…?” Kynan drawls out.

“So I made a deal with her. Told her I’d give her the money in exchange for working at The Wicked Horse for thirty days.”

Kynan lets out a bark of laughter and then throws his head back to continue laughing even harder. When he finally looks back at me, he says, “Oh man, let me guess… she’s a fucking knockout?”

I give him a grin and nod. “She’s gorgeous. Doesn’t look anything like her brother, thank fuck.”

“What are you going to do—just have her do the nasty to you for the next thirty days? Because, dude, you don’t need that as a repayment option. You got all the pussy you need here in this club.”

My smile morphs, and I know there’s a sparkle of malice in my eyes as I say, “I have something a little more involved for Miss Barnes.”

Now I really have Kynan’s attention as he leans forward in his chair, head tilted with curiosity. “What are you going to do?”

Kynan is well aware of my bad history with Jayce. While Kynan didn’t have the personal hurt I did, he was just as offended because being on a team together and the nature of missions that we do, trust and loyalty are everything. While Kynan felt for me as any close friend would, he was more pissed about the breach of loyalty. He had no qualms with me beating the shit out of Jayce before expelling him from The Jameson Group. Kynan is also well aware I owe a debt to Jayce for saving my life and the fact I’ve been dreading the day I’d have to repay it. He can’t really be surprised I’m not going to pay my debt in an aboveboard manner.

“While I do intend to have my fun with her over the next thirty days as part of the favor he owes me, I’m going to provide a little humiliation to Jayce by showing him the dirty things I’m going to do to his sister.”

Kynan stares at me speculatively, and I can see the wheels in his brain turning. He’s a guy with a bigger heart than me, so I know this is causing him concern. He won’t hold his peace with me, though. He never has.

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