If she’s bartending, she’ll wear a black miniskirt and black camisole. If working the condiment tray, she’ll have on nothing but a thong to cover her pussy and the straps from the tray to cover her breasts. And if I have her on her knees before me, she’ll be naked. I haven’t decided quite yet what to do with her, but I know I’ll have to ease her into it. I won’t take her unwillingly. My preference would be to have her begging for it.

“Have a seat, Trista,” I tell her as I point to one of the chairs. “I’ve had an employment contract drafted up, along with documentation of the money I’m going to give you in exchange.”

“Okay,” she says softly. When she takes her seat, I reach into a lateral file drawer to pull out the paper.

Handing it across to her, I say, “It’s very simple. But then again, our deal is quite simple.”

Trista takes the single page from me and starts to read it. I wasn’t lying… it is very simple. I know this because I drafted it. It won’t stand up in court, but all I need it to do is stand up within Trista’s mind.

She takes her time, eyes moving over the words. It essentially says I have agreed to give her twenty-five thousand, and ten thousand of that has already been paid. In exchange, she agrees to work for me in The Wicked Horse for thirty days. It could be any of the jobs that are available, which she has already seen and been made aware. That was the reason I gave her the tour last night, because I wanted to make sure she knew everything she was getting into. And because Trista specifically mentioned sex with members as a no-go, I made sure to put that in there as well. I personally don’t care if she has sex with other members when she is off duty, but she’s going to be in for a surprise when she learns I’m not a member of this club and this agreement does not apply to me. It’s not like I’m going to force her into anything because I don’t need to. I can be very persuasive and Trista will end up wanting what I offer. It was obvious last night during the tour. I’d seen the subtle way she shifted on her feet and the change in her breathing patterns. She was turned on by what she saw, and I intend to introduce her to my world very soon. This contract is nothing more than a way to ensure she doesn’t use the “no sex with members rule” as an excuse if she’s nervous.

When she’s done reading the contract, she places it on my desk and moves forward in her chair. Without a word, I hand a pen to her. She signs it, not asking a single question or showing a moment’s hesitation. I’m wondering if that’s because she believes I’m merely giving her a legitimate job in exchange for the loan or if she’s so relieved to have the loan shark off her back, she truly doesn’t care what she needs to do over the next thirty days.

I have to say, I’m hoping it’s the latter. Having Trista Barnes at my beck and call without having any hesitancy from her would make this a very pleasant experience indeed.



Jerico puts his signature on the document and tucks it back into his desk drawer without asking me if I want a copy. I don’t… but it would have been a nice offer.

I slowly wipe my palms across my denim-covered thighs, hoping it’s a casual enough move that Jerico doesn’t know they’re sweating. Even though I’m relieved to know Jayce will consider the loan paid at the end of thirty days, I am quite nervous about working in a sex club. It’s not for the reasons one would think, though. I have an adventurous sexual spirit, and I believe the few men I’ve had sexual relationships with have felt I was more than sufficient in the sack. There is no shame in working in a place that indulges in fantasy, kink, and fetish. Free world and all that stuff.

My concern is more personal.

I’m worried I’ll want to experience this fully and I should be concerned because I liked what I saw last night. The grotesque displays of debauchery are going to affect me, but I’m not sure how. My fear is it will turn me on.

Draw me in.

Make me curious.

“You ready to get started?” Jerico asks as he stands up from his chair.

I take a moment… a brief one. One where I can check him out under the guise of merely holding conversation with him.

Standing slowly from my chair, I give him a confident smile that I’m not feeling and say “Sure.”

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