I had thought cleaning semen and other fluids off the furniture would be a completely humiliating task. What I found out, however, is that no one watches the people who do the cleaning. It’s ingenious how the rooms are set up to accommodate that. For example, here in The Orgy Room, there are a multitude of beds and lounges covered in black vinyl and set into black acrylic and chrome frames. They sit low to the floor and are spread around the room in what appears to be a haphazard design. The floor is made up of large, square, frosted panels set into steel supports and run at a diagonal across the room. The colors change from a dusky rose to a cream color, which can enhance the mood of the music playing. From the ceiling, massive silk lampshades colored ice blue and formed into quirky shapes hang down. There are dozens of them, some wider and some longer, giving a very multidimensional look. The lampshades are fitted with muted lightbulbs to keep the atmosphere intimate but not completely dark. People definitely want to see what’s happening in this room.

What isn’t visible among the multitude of the lampshades hanging from the ceiling are very small but very bright lights that are aimed in a critical fashion on the beds and chaise lounges to provide a spotlight on any action that might occur there. When a couple or group is done with that piece of furniture, the light goes out. It indicates to the staff that the furniture needs cleaned. My job is to sweep in like a ghost to sanitize and dry the furniture. When it’s clean, the spotlight is turned back on and it’s opened for more fucking.

I’d asked Jerico about this last night as my curiosity was going to kill me. I was surprised about the semen. I mean… it’s a public sex club and I assumed people would wear condoms. To his credit, Jerico didn’t laugh at me. He explained that many of the couples here don’t swing. Their pleasure is either having sex with others present or doing fetish stuff and as such, they didn’t use condoms because they were monogamous. But he assured me the bulk of people suited up for protection, which meant I was mostly cleaning up sweat and perhaps lipstick if a woman was pushed facedown or something.

At least, that’s how my imagination works.

But more importantly, no one watches the people who are cleaning the vinyl because they’re busy ogling each other or other couples having sex. It becomes quickly apparent to me I am virtually unnoticeable in this job position, and I am freaking so grateful for it. Grateful to Jerico that he gave me an easy, inconspicuous job on my first night.

On the flip side, it’s not a job that keeps me busy at all times. When there’s nothing to clean, I have to stand at the perimeter of the room in the shadows and just watch the action. Looking away isn’t an option because I have to be ready when a spotlight goes out. I make a mental note to myself to bring extra panties tomorrow.

Jerico has not left my side all evening, even though I’ve pretty much got the job down pat. Let’s face it… it’s not that hard to squirt the cleaner to get the nasty stuff up, and then wipe it away. I carry two towels. One to wipe the cleaning solution up and the other to dry the vinyl. When these towels reach their maximum usage, I go to the supply room and I restock. And thank God latex gloves are provided because otherwise, I would’ve had to politely decline this position.

I’m cleaning up other people’s spunk and sweat and while it is not the most humiliating job in the world, it’s certainly not something I would ever aspire to do for the long term. It makes me wonder why the other cleaners in here are doing this job, and I can only figure they are in desperate times or something.

Jerico and I enter The Orgy Room. We’d spent a fair amount of time in The Waterfall Room—with its circular pool and platform in the center where people can have sex while a waterfall pours from the ceiling down onto them—as well as The Deck—with its acrylic see-through floor that gives the illusion of walking on air—before coming here.

So far tonight, I’ve been able to keep my wits about me. I try to concentrate on the fact that this is just a job. I’ve been pretty much able to tune out the noises, and I try not to keep my gaze focused anywhere for any length of time. Not only would it feel weird to stare at some of the things going on, but I don’t want to inadvertently get drawn into it.

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