Let’s face it… this club is filled with scenes that most people never see in their lifetime. I honestly can’t imagine a more provocatively interesting place to people watch. While I’m currently single, I do wonder what it would be like to come with a serious partner. I would never consider coming as a single woman, but the thought of being with somebody I trusted in this environment has me curious. It’s simply fascinating to me that many of the members here are in committed relationships with each other and this is a normal part of their sex lives.

I follow Jerico over to a far wall in The Orgy Room. We stand against it, taking an initial assessment of the activities. Jerico casually leans back against the wall, clasping his hands in front of him. Throughout the night, he has been approached by no less than a dozen different women trying to get him to join in their fun. It didn’t surprise me. Jerico is one of the best-looking men I’ve ever seen, and I would imagine he partakes of the benefits of his club quite frequently. But he merely shook his head and politely declined, saying he was training the new employee. Of course, eyes would then turn to me in appraisal. Once they saw I was nothing more than a lowly cleaner, I was forgotten.

While Jerico remains casually posed, I stand ramrod straight, almost at military attention. Armed with a spray bottle of bleach in one hand and a towel in another with my drying cloth hooked into my belt, I’m locked and loaded.

My eyes scan the room and I estimate there are at least thirty pieces of furniture scattered about for people to use. On closer inspection, I see some padded benches and something that looks like a pommel horse in addition to the beds and lounges. There are also areas that are nothing more than an array of large stuffed pillows covered in a special type of vinyl that seems to be very lightweight and silky. Jerico assured me it could be cleaned with my solution.

It’s starting to get busy. Probably half the furniture is in use. As I learned in The Waterfall Room, when a couple—or threesome or foursome or however many people can fit on a piece of furniture—take residence upon it, the spotlight shining down leaves nothing to the imagination.

I nearly jump out of my skin when I hear Jerico’s voice near my ear. He’s leaned over and although he’s not actually touching me, I swear I can feel his lips move as he murmurs, “Tell me the difference between this room and The Waterfall Room.”

I turn my head slightly to look at him and every time I connect with his eyes, I feel a sizzling warmth go through me. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Jerico drawls as if I can’t understand the English language. “What is the difference between the two rooms?”

“Um…” I stammer as I shrug my shoulders. “One has water and the other doesn’t?”

“That’s a naïve answer, Trista,” Jerico says softly. “This is a sex club. Tell me the difference you have observed between the two rooms.”

For the first time tonight, I allow myself a very slow perusal of the room. I had spent almost an hour in The Waterfall Room and while I didn’t think I was paying that close attention to what was going on, I apparently absorbed more than I realized. Because as I look around The Orgy Room, an immediate difference is clear.

Within The Waterfall Room, there is a much more apparent social aspect to the activities that go on in there. I’m not sure if it’s because there is a pool where many of the patrons just lounge while sipping cocktails and talking, or the fact there are U-shaped seating areas that invite social intimacy. I realize there was less sex going on in there than in The Orgy Room.

From where I stand now as I look around the expanse and take in the activities, I am hit with the blatant realization that this room is for people who just want to fuck. No one is engaged in conversation, and the only sounds are of moaning, screaming, groaning, and flesh slapping.

Turning my head to face Jerico, I can feel my skin flush when I see how intently he is looking at me, waiting for my answer. My voice quavers when I tell him, “This room is only for sex. There’s no socialization.”

I want to look away, but his gaze has me absolutely locked in place. He stares at me a moment before giving a slight nod. Then he pulls back and leans against the wall. I turn around and keep my eyes rotating around the room for the next spotlight to go out and call me to my duties.

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