But Jerico isn’t finished with the conversation. He’s not leaning toward me, but he doesn’t speak any louder when he says, “That’s a very good observation, Trista. It’s why it’s my favorite room.”

I’m embarrassed that a full spinal shiver occurs from his words because if I had any doubts as to whether Jerico participated at The Wicked Horse, that has been dispelled. However, the shiver is more than likely because I can now picture Jerico on one of those pieces of furniture doing all kinds of amazing, kinky, and orgasmic things to women.

Over the next thirty days, I wonder if I’ll observe him doing that… and if I’ll ever be able to get those images out of my head afterward.



I stroll into The Silo Room, my gaze sweeping the patrons. It’s early, so it’s only about half full, which lets me easily lock eyes onto Steven and Helena. They came tonight at my request because after three days of Trista working as a cleaner, it’s time to start pushing her boundaries a little. She’s not only getting promoted up to the condiment tray, but she’s also going to understand her boss a little bit better tonight. Because what I have planned for her can’t come as a great surprise, so I’m going to start exposing her to the dirty side of Jerico Jameson.

Joining Steven and Helena at the circular bar in the middle of the room, I quickly give him a handshake and press a soft kiss to Helena’s cheek.

Next to The Orgy Room, this would be my favorite spot to fuck. I don’t do any of the BDSM or fetish shit, but I admit it’s interesting and arousing to watch sometimes. Admittedly, I’m not down with some of it, but most of it is erotic, so I like the vibe here.

This room is a smaller replica of Bridger’s club in Wyoming. It’s circular with little rooms on the perimeter done all in glass. Some rooms cater to fetishes, BDSM, or various other kink. Others are for members who just want to star in their own personal porn show. The main difference between this Silo and the one in Wyoming is that two of the rooms here offer privacy by long curtains that can be closed along the glass. This is usually done by a couple who comes in together and want to perhaps have a threesome. Their kink is the threesome and not in being watched, so I thought it was a nice touch to add.

“Want a drink?” Steven asks before he lets the last of his bourbon slide down his throat. I shake my head in the negative as he sits his glass back down. Helena’s wineglass is empty, but I bet it’s her second as I told her I only had limited time at seven, so I know she’s ready to go.

It just so happens that seven is when Trista will come on duty. My cryptic text to her should have her showing up in this room in the next five minutes or so. All I texted her was, New duties tonight. Find me when you get here.

I’ve not seen her much the last two nights as she was able to work on her own and any more “training” by me would probably be considered stalking. So she worked, and I ignored her for the most part.

But not tonight.

“So what’s your pleasure?” Helena asks in a husky voice as she steps into the front of my body. Steven comes up behind his wife and presses in tight, grinding his dick against her ass. I think it’s a subtle suggestion I fuck her pussy while her husband gets her ass.

I smile at her, but then lift my eyes to Steven to get his permission. “I’d just love Helena’s beautiful mouth on my cock tonight. I don’t have a lot of time to play.”

“I still think I’ll take your ass, love,” Steven whispers in Helena’s ear. She shudders because that woman loves ass play.

“Then let’s get to it,” she murmurs as she takes my hand to lead me over to a low, black bench covered in buttoned vinyl. It sits directly in front of the glass room that houses the stocks, which are currently in use by two men. One has his neck and arms firmly enclosed in the hinged, swinging board while he’s sucking his partner’s cock. I’ve learned over the last year that Helena loves watching two men together, so it’s no surprise she decided to set up shop in front of this room. I know she’d love for Steven and me to get physical with each other during our threesomes, but that’s not my thing. Nothing against it, just not my cup of tea.

Because time is of the essence, Steven takes control of getting his wife ready. While feathering kisses along her neck, he removes her dress, bra, and panties while leaving on her high-heeled shoes. My dick doesn’t start to get hard until Helena crawls onto the bench. With a sultry look, she crooks her finger at me to step closer. I do as requested. Coming to her knees, she starts to work at my belt and zipper. While I don’t pay close attention to him, I can see Steven moving behind her with a bottle of lube in his palm.

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