Helena makes short work of pulling my cock free and with a few hard strokes of her hand, I’m ready to go. My eyes stay glued on her mouth as she takes me inside it, and I can’t help the groan that rumbles out of me when the head of my cock slips into her throat. She hums in appreciation, and I feel that sensation straight through to my balls.

Helena bobs up and down on me for a few moments, but then her entire body jerks forward and my gaze rises to see Steven behind her with his dick against her ass. He rotates his hips and gently works himself into her before he sets up a leisurely pace as he is never in any hurry to get off. Because he always wants his wife to get off first, his fingers go between her legs and she makes more moaning and groaning sounds that feel amazing on my cock as she sucks me slowly but very deeply. She is a fucking master at blowing a guy.

My hands come up to cradle Helena’s face so I can hold her in place. Because she has no problems with taking me deep, I take over and start to thrust, going faster than the pace she set. Helena breathes in through her nose to ensure she has adequate oxygen, but I know this isn’t completely comfortable for her as her eyes start leaking tears. Had this been the first time I’ve been down her throat, I would be worried, but this is normal for her.

I can feel my orgasm starting to tingle as Helena brings a hand up to roll my balls. My head falls back with a deep groan and when I let it fall forward again, my gaze catches Trista standing in the doorway. She doesn’t see me looking at her as her own gaze is riveted to where Steven is plowing his wife’s ass. But then Trista’s gaze slides slowly along Helena’s body to where she’s enthusiastically sucking my dick.

My orgasm starts to burn hotter and as I dig my fingers into the side of Helena’s head, I fuck her mouth faster. I keep my eyes locked on Trista, and she finally dares to look at me.

My breath is coming out harshly, but I still manage to give Trista a wicked smile. She gives me nothing in return except wide eyes and a slightly parted mouth. She never does drop her gaze from mine and I’m guessing it’s because she’s too embarrassed to do so now that I caught her staring.

But I know she wants to.

I can also tell she wants to look more.

I know this because I can see her chest rising and falling, and her cheeks are flushed. She runs her tongue over her lower lip a few times and her hands are clasped together so tightly her knuckles are white. Add onto that, she’s fidgeting by stepping from foot to foot and pressing her legs together slightly. I’d bet my life if I were to stick my hand down the front of her jeans, I would find her soaking wet.

And just the thought of my hand between her legs causes my climax to slam into me. I shove deeper into Helena’s mouth and shoot my load straight down her throat with a long groan I know Trista can hear from across the room.

Fuck… that felt good.

Actually, I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had with Helena and I’m honest enough with myself to acknowledge it was because Trista was watching me do it.

Helena sucks every bit of me down, then gently licks around the base of my cock while her husband continues to fuck her ass. I pull away from her, gently stroking a thumb across her cheek. Leaning down, I press my lips to her forehead and whisper, “Thank you, Helena. You are amazing.”

My head turns toward Trista as I tuck myself back into my pants and refasten my zipper and belt. Trista has stepped fully into the room, but she is no longer looking my way. Instead, her gaze is roaming around, but I can tell she’s not taking anything in. As I’ve observed over the past few days, she tries her damnedest not to focus on the sex going on around her. It’s not because she’s not interested… because there is not one person who can step foot in this club and not have curiosity overtake them. My best guess is that Trista wants to look too badly and is perhaps afraid of the way it will affect her, so she tries very hard to remain aloof from it all.

I clasp Steven on the shoulder for a brief squeeze as he continues to fuck his wife before making my way across the interior of The Silo toward Trista.

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