Her gaze finally comes to me when I’m but a few feet from her. I glance at my watch, and then back to her. “You’re right on time.”

Trista merely shrugs. “Well, I take my job seriously.”

“Good to know,” I tell her as I take her by the elbow and lead her out of The Silo. “I’d hate to have to fire you before you fulfilled your end of the deal to get the rest of the money.”

Trista stiffens minutely, but she doesn’t say a word. She walks along with me willingly but silently as I take her to my office.

After punching in my security code, I open the door and motion her to walk in before me. I follow her in and shut the door.

“You said I was going to be working a different job tonight?” Trista asks, her nervousness clear in her tone.

I don’t answer her right away. Walking to the closet, I open the door, reach in, and pull out a condiment tray. Turning to her, I say, “Lindsay normally works the Waterfall Room, but she’s sick tonight. You’re going to need to fill in for her.”

I wait patiently to see what Trista will do. If I was a betting man, I would think she would balk at the idea. Even though she knows this is an expected job duty, I can tell she’s not the type of woman who is going to be comfortable wearing nothing but a thong and a couple of straps over her breasts.

Instead, she catches me off guard when she asks, “Do you do that often?”

I know exactly what she’s asking, but I play stupid. “What do you mean?”

“Have sex with the club members,” she says almost belligerently. I have to control myself not to laugh over her tone.

“Of course I do,” I admit to her. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Trista doesn’t seem to have an answer for that, and her gaze drops to the floor.

I provide her a little bit of clarification about the type of man Jerico Jameson is. “Trista… I like sex. I like it kinky. I also like it in public sometimes. I own a sex club. It’s only natural I would take advantage of what is presented to me since I like those things. Do you think I shouldn’t?”

Trista’s eyes come back to mine, and she shakes her head. “It’s none of my business what you do. I was just curious. And… I’ve um… noticed that some of the other employees also have sex while they’re on duty.”

I walk over to my desk and set the condiment tray down on it. Leaning back, I sit on the edge and cross my arms over my chest. “I guess I failed to mention to you that any employee here also has an automatic membership.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Trista says quickly. “I guess I was just surprised that employees would take advantage of the membership while they are working.”

Understanding dawns, and I nod my head at her. “If things are super busy, my employees should be doing their duties. But if things are slow and there is an opportunity one of the employees wants to take, I encourage it.”

“You do?”

“Most people who come in here don’t have a lot of confidence in their sexual nature. They come for an experience, perhaps one that will only occur once in their lifetime. Sometimes, they are so nervous they won’t take advantage of what the club has to offer them. In those cases, I encourage my employees to help make those patrons comfortable. I also ask any of my employees who come in while off duty to help facilitate those guests along.”

Trista’s face turns red, and she practically squeaks, “But you said that would not be required of me.”

I give her a reassuring smile. “It is not a requirement to work here, Trista. Should you feel the desire to do so, and your duties would not suffer, then you are more than welcome to fuck someone.”

Utter relief fills Trista’s eyes. At the same time, I have a burning fire in my gut at the thought of Trista bending over a couch to take some stranger’s dick into her.

Which makes me wonder… is she that type of girl?

“Does any of this offend you?” I ask as I push off the desk and come to stand before her.

She tilts her head back to look up at me. Worrying at her lower lip with her teeth for just a moment, she shakes her head. “Not in the slightest. I’m openminded and I don’t begrudge anyone in this club.”

Hmm. That doesn’t exactly tell me what I want to know.

“Are you interested in that particular employee benefit?” I ask pointedly.

I can’t believe the strength of the disappointment that flows through me when she vehemently shakes her head. “Oh no, I could never do something like that. Not in front of others.”

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