Chuckling, I lean back and pick up my vodka to take a sip. “You’ve been here all of thirty seconds.”

She laughs, too, and we make idle chatter as we have our drinks. Helena likes at least two glasses of wine before she goes to one of the rooms, so she’s loosened up. A few regulars come up to us to say hello, and we mingle with them a bit. But eventually, Helena takes her last sip of wine and sets the glass on the bar. I’d stopped after one vodka because I don’t like anything dulling my senses.

Placing a hand on my chest, Helena closes it around my necktie, just below the knot. She gives it a playful tug. “Want to tie me up with this thing?”

“I was thinking of locking you up instead.” My voice is husky as I start to imagine what I want to do to her.

“Lock me up?” she asks with genuine interest.

“We installed some stocks over in The Silo,” I tell her, watching her eyes flame with even more interest. It’s become my new favorite toy. We used reclaimed wood and cast iron to have it made so it looks positively medieval. I had read once that stocks were originally used as a form of physical punishment involving public humiliation, and well… having sex in public while being locked up tight by your head and wrists can be totally humiliating to some. “Thought I’d lock you in it and let you suck my cock for a bit. After that, I think I’m going to fuck your pussy, then your ass. Going to own every piece of you tonight while you’re unable to move.”

“God,” Helena says on a breathy moan. “You are so damned dirty.”

“It’s why you like me so much,” I tell her with a smile as I take her by the elbow.

“It’s why I adore you,” she clarifies. “I wish you’d teach Steven some of that dirty talk. He’s amazing in the sack, but he’s way too quiet.”

“Yeah, I am not going to be teaching your husband how to talk dirty to you,” I tell her dryly as I turn her from the bar. “But if he wants to do a threesome with you and me, he can listen in on how I do it.”

“Now that’s a fabulous idea,” Helena says with a laugh as we turn to walk toward the doors that lead to a foyer beyond The Social Room. From there, we can access one of four rooms in which we can have every dirty desire fulfilled, but it’s The Orgy Room I want tonight.

Before we can even make it three steps, we’re stopped by a woman standing in our path looking at me expectantly.

She’s very pretty in a natural sort of way. Not a lush, exotic beauty like Helena, but more of a free spirit. I drink that in immediately, knowing it only from the look in her eyes. They’re a champagne color with thick lashes, but the message inside is that she’s slightly uncomfortable but ready to accept a challenge. Zooming out, I take in more. Tall but with the right amounts of curves, she wears a simple black dress that’s not overly sexy, but with her body, it doesn’t need to be. Caramel-colored hair sets off the whole package. Next to her eyes, it’s her best feature. Long and wild looking, like she just walked across a breezy beach, yet I know it’s how she actually styled it. It’s parted on the side, a very long set of bangs coming down over her right eye. It’s a very Veronica Lake sort of look.

“Mr. Jameson,” she says as she lifts her chin confidently even though I can tell she’s worried. Those eyes… so expressive. “I was wondering if I could have a word with you.”

Too bad she hadn’t shown up before Helena, because there’s no doubt I’d love to take this woman out for a spin. She’s a damn knockout with legs that go on for miles, an ass made to be slapped, and a husky, raspy voice that sounds like she’s been screaming in rapture for days.

Sadly though, I have committed to someone else right now.

“I’m sorry… but I’ve just made plans with this lovely lady,” I reply as I nod my head to Helena. “But perhaps after?”

The woman wrings her hands with worry, glances at the elevator and then back to me. Before she can respond, Helena adds, “Or… you could join us. Jerico loves some girl-on-girl action.”

The beauty’s eyes widen in shock.

“Um… no thank you,” she stammers to Helena before turning to me. “I apologize for interrupting you. I know this is incredibly rude, but this is important. I need a favor.”

“I don’t do favors,” I tell her truthfully, tightening my grip on Helena’s elbow. I’m immediately disappointed this woman isn’t going to end up in my bed. She’ll probably end up booted out the doors if she’s here to scam someone. “Now if you’ll excuse us—”

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