I’m only working The Waterfall Room tonight and as promised, Jerico is sticking by my side even though I’ve assured him I’m good on my own. Truth be told, he’s absolutely freaking me out tonight. He has not even bothered to hide his appreciation of my body because he continued to admire it even after we left the locker room. My job is to walk around the room so I can be available to customers who may be in the heat of the moment and can wave me over to them. Jerico has made it a habit all evening to walk behind me at a discreet distance so it doesn’t look as if he’s training me, but any time I’ve looked back at him, his eyes have been pinned on my ass. I was horrified by a rush of pride knowing I’d caught the attention of a man who could have any woman in this club, and was even more horrified to realize during my bathroom break a few minutes ago that my thong is absolutely drenched in the crotch.

In addition, even though I’ve discreetly adjusted my breasts when I can, my nipples are still chafing. This is not really because of the straps, but because they are constantly hard. I’m going to go ahead and blame that on Jerico as well. Tonight I’ve had to pay better attention to my surroundings because the patrons who want to purchase from me are usually already involved in some heavy foreplay. As such, I’ve had to keep my attention on the action. But that came only after Jerico pointed out to me I couldn’t do my job effectively unless I paid attention.

I walk the outer perimeter of the lounge chairs set around the pool and notice a man waving me over to him. He’s naked with his legs sprawled out along the length of the couch and an equally naked woman kneels between them as she gives him a blow job.

I like The Waterfall Room a lot. The cascade of water that pours down from the ceiling onto the pool’s center platform is spectacular. It runs through a sleek crystal ceiling light that is nothing more than long strings of lit crystals that hang down in various lengths above the pool. The water sparkles with a million refracting lights as it passes by the clear sparkling gems. While the waterfall is a beautiful centerpiece to the room, it’s functional as well. The platform can hold up to four people who might want to fuck under the spray of warm water.

Around the edge of the pool, the flooring is black cement done in a super-fine texture with silver sparkles in it that prevents slipping but doesn’t hurt the feet. Most people in the waterfall room wear bathing suits or nothing at all. No one ever wears shoes except the employees, and I’m thankful that the floor is non-slip as I walk in my heels.

The man who beckoned me is reclining on one length of U-shaped low-back couches covered in water-repellent vinyl of deep purple that shimmers. Vinyl is the name of the game as it’s easily cleaned in between uses. There are silver pleated curtains draping the double glass doors that lead out to The Deck, and swags of fabric in the same silver hang in arcs from the center of the ceiling starting just outside the waterfall to the perimeter. It sort of reminds me of what the inside of a tent that belonged to a grand Sheik would look like. Or just a fancy circus tent, as the things that go on in here could be considered circus-like.

“What can I get for you?” I ask the man as I come to a stop just a few feet from where he’s lying.

I have to admit the guy is very good looking. I’ve gotten used to the fact that there are all shapes, sizes, and ages in this club. Sometimes, it’s not all that easy to watch an old, wrinkly man getting it on, but I try not to focus in on those sexcapades. It makes me appreciate, however, the men like this one when they need something from me. I’d estimate he’s in his late thirties with sandy-blond hair and warm brown eyes. His haircut is precise and stylish, so I peg him for a lawyer or something like that.

While his partner’s head bobs up and down on him, he does nothing more than consider the items on my tray. He casually peruses them and doesn’t even seem to be affected by what the woman is doing to him. Finally, he looks back to me and asks, “What would you suggest?”

“Pardon me?”

His smile turns salacious as he nods down to the tray. “What would you suggest I use on my girl here? Should I plug her ass while I fuck her pussy?”

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