If I can get Jerico to leave, I resolve I will at least make an effort to meet someone who has potential for a hook up. That will be my promise to myself so this trip tonight will not have been in vain.

“So what do you want?” Jerico asks, and his words cause me to jump in my seat so that my wine sloshes over the edge.

I don’t bother looking at him as I sit my glass down and use the bar napkin to wipe the wetness from my fingers. But I answer his question with all the vagueness I can muster, “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Jerico chuckles. He laughs in a way that pretty much says he thinks I’m full of shit.

He doesn’t pull any punches and tells me just how it is. “Trista, you’re here because you want to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Accept the fact that there is not one person in this building who will judge you for participating in and fulfilling your desires.”

I stare at him, contemplating what he just said. His words are the perfect thing I need to hear and yet they do nothing to alleviate my nervousness. “This is so far out of the box for me; I’m really not sure I can do this.”

“Want my help?” Jerico asks casually as he picks up his glass of scotch and takes a sip.

His offer doesn’t surprise me. Jerico is an extremely sexual creature. While I know there are women in here a million times more beautiful and sexy than I am, he’s a guy and he’s not going to pass up an easy fuck.

Still, there’s no way I can accept. I shake my head and politely say, “No offense, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to bang my boss.”

Jerico’s head falls back, and he lets out a peel of rich, sensual laughter. When he looks at me, his eyes are filled with mirth and his teeth flash at me with amusement.

“God, you’re fucking adorable,” Jerico says with a grin. “You have no idea how much I would enjoy defiling you.”

I know he’s half kidding me, but I decide to play along with his joking demeanor.

I cock an eyebrow at him and with a skeptical voice, I ask, “Defile me? That sounds very criminal.”

The amusement slides right off Jerico’s face and instead his eyes burn with something I can’t identify as he looks at me. “Oh, Trista, the things I want to do to you are very criminal, but there is no doubt in my mind you would enjoy them.”

A full-body shudder runs through me, and I’m completely mortified Jerico witnesses it. I know he recognizes it as my body betraying me, essentially telling him I very much like the idea of him doing criminal things to me.

Reaching his hand out, Jerico takes the stem of my wineglass in between his thumb and forefinger and slides it toward me. “How about you sip at your wine and let me show you a few things as we sit here at the bar?”

I pick up my glass and take a gulp. After setting my glass down, I ask for clarification. “And just how would you show me?”

Jerico gives a nod of his head toward the glassed rooms. “I’ll sit here with you, and we’ll watch the various shows that are going to happen. As you know, there will be some kinky-ass shit. If you have any questions, you can ask me. If you have any interest in trying something, I volunteer. If I’m not your cup of tea, I’ll find someone to take you in one of those rooms and give you your fantasy. But for now, we’ll just sit here and watch.”

I stare at Jerico, weighing my options. I know that this is a very dangerous game I could be entering. I’ve already seen enough inside The Wicked Horse to know my body is going to react. I know that I’m going to want things. Worse yet, I’m sitting next to a man who seems more like a God than a human being and who has offered to give me what I want.

I should leave.

I should get up, politely decline Jerico’s offer, and leave.

Instead, I spin my barstool so my back is to the bar and I’m facing the glass rooms. Without even looking at Jerico, I mutter, “Okay. We’ll watch for a while, and you can answer any questions I have.”

That’s the most I’m willing to commit to, although even that sounds hollow to me.

Jerico swivels his stool so he’s also facing outward. The move causes his knee to brush against my bare thigh and goosebumps to break out.

My eyes scan across the four glassed-in rooms that are visible from where I sit. All have action going on inside. Before I can even focus on anyone in particular, Jerico leans toward me, draping his arm on the bar behind my back.

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