“The third room,” he says quietly.

My gaze slides there, and my breath catches as I take in the beauty of what is happening inside.

It might be every woman’s number-one fantasy, or at the very least in the top three.

The room itself is stark and bare. The walls are a cream color. There is a raised platform in the center upon which a mattress draped in lavender silk sheets rests. During the nights I’ve worked in The Silo, I’ve noticed this room is usually used by a couple or threesome who enjoy performing publicly.

The three bodies on the mattress are certainly putting on a show. A woman with pale blonde hair is sandwiched between two men. They are both tall, well muscled, and equally well endowed. Their hands and mouths are everywhere, and even the two men share a deep kiss.

“What do you think of that?” Jerico asks, his voice sounding like pure sex.

I don’t even think to lie. “What woman wouldn’t love that?”

Jerico chuckles, but then his voice turns even silkier. “I expect the woman who doesn’t love cock in her ass wouldn’t. Do you like anal?”

My spine tingles with the prospect of what Jerico is asking me, but I have to answer him honestly. I turn my face so he can look in my eyes and know I’m hiding nothing. “I don’t know if I like it or not.”

Jerico nods in understanding before turning to look back at the room. I let my eyes follow as we watch the threesome for a few silent moments as they kiss, stroke, suck, and bite at each other.

One of the men rolls to his back, taking the woman with him until she’s straddling right over his dick. She reaches her hand down and guides him inside. His hands go to her breasts as she starts undulating on top of him. I cross one of my legs over the other, which doesn’t give me any relief from the throbbing between my legs. If anything, I can feel my clit pulsing in cadence with my heartbeat and my breathing starts to become shallow because I know what’s coming next.

The other man crawls behind the woman, places a hand at the back of her neck, and pushes her forward until she has to balance herself with her hands on the other man’s chest.

I don’t know whether to be appalled or turned on by the crudity of it, but the man simply spits in his hand, wipes it on the end of his dick, and then drives it into the woman’s ass. My own ass puckers at the thought of that invasion, which I know could not have felt good. The woman, however, immediately starts moaning as she lets both men do the work. Holding her body still, the man underneath her thrusts his hips upward while the other pounds her ass from behind.

“That’s not how it would be your first time,” Jerico says. I’m too mortified to look at him as we discuss the potential of me engaging in anal sex. He continues, “That woman has a lot of experience, and she likes it rough and painful. Not many can take a cock like that.”

I watch the unbelievably dirty and erotic threesome, getting more turned on because it’s clear they are enjoying themselves immensely. At the same time, while it could be my utmost fantasy to be with two men, the thought of taking a dick back there scares the living crap out of me.

I’m probably going to regret this, but I can’t help but ask, “How did she work up to that?”

Jerico’s hand comes to my jaw, which causes me to jerk in surprise. He turns my face so I have to look at him, and he chastises me. “Be honest, Trista. You’re not asking how she worked up to it. You’re wanting to know how you could work up to it.”

I try to shake my head in denial, but his grip on my jaw is firm.

“Just ask me, Trista.” His voice rumbles with command. “I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. I’ll show you whatever you want to know.”

His hand falls away from my jaw, but I am powerless to look away from him. His jade eyes promise me so many things that my head spins. My entire body feels electrified, and I swear pure adrenaline is flowing through my veins.

I lick my lips. In a hoarse voice, I ask, “How would I work up to something like that?”

I swear flames leap in Jerico’s eyes, and he gives me a wicked smile. He answers me by standing up from the stool so fast to position his body in front of me that I gasp in surprise.

His large hands go to my legs. When he puts pressure on them, they uncross and spread apart. He steps in closer, placing his hands on the bar behind me, effectively caging me in.

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