Jerico leans his face toward mine until his mouth is just inches away and I can feel his warm breath… smell the smoky peat of his scotch.

“I’d take my time with you,” Jerico whispers with such seductive promise that my legs start to close involuntarily so I can squeeze against the ache between them. Instead, the insides of my thighs hit Jerico’s legs and practically tremble when he continues, “I’d loosen you up first with a really good orgasm… Probably with my mouth between your legs. Then I’d fuck you slowly from behind, while using my fingers in your ass. Or, if I felt like you could take it, I’d use a plug. Regardless, I would work that tight little ring of muscle very gently so that by the time I slid my cock in your ass, you’d be begging for it.”

I can’t say anything. I can’t even move because I’m afraid it would be to get down on my hands and knees and beg Jerico to do what he just said. Instead, I let my breath out in a slow gust and stare right back into his heated eyes.

He gives me a slow smile as he drops one hand from the bar to come to rest on my thigh. His hand slides up slowly, going right under my skirt until his thumb grazes the edge of my panties. He does this without ever taking his eyes from mine.

“But you’re not ready for that yet,” Jerico murmurs as his thumb does nothing but stroke me. “I’d start off with something a little bit different.”

My heart is pounding so hard I feel like it’s going to explode out of my chest. My fear should be ruling my actions as I would be best served to hightail it out of here. But I’m too far gone.

“How would you start off with me?” I’m slightly embarrassed over how young, naïve, and even needy my voice sounds.

Jerico’s hand goes still on my leg, his eyes boring into mine as he assesses the legitimacy of my request. “Do you want me to tell you or show you?”

This is bad.

Really, really bad.

I want him to show me. Absolutely I want it, and I want it so much it physically hurts. There’s an ache between my legs that I know only action will satisfy. I am so freaking attracted to this man in a way I’ve never been attracted to anything. Not even chocolate. He makes me feel beautiful and desirable, and I know he will be the best sex of my life.

I just know it.

But he’s also an ass, and he’s my boss, and he’s just a means to an end for me. He owns a freaking sex club, for God’s sake, and the list of negatives could go on and on. This is a man unlike any other. I’ve never dealt with someone who has his magnetism, confidence, or command. I’ve never wanted to just roll over and submit to someone so much. I’m afraid if I do that, I’ll lose myself forever.

This is so bad.

But I’ve made my decision.

With a hard swallow and without ever letting my eyes waver from his, I tell him, “I want you to show me.”

I do not mistake it, and it amazes me, but Jerico’s expression is one of relief. It’s fleeting, and his eyes immediately darken. With one hand still under my skirt and resting on my hip, the other comes up to wrap around the back of my neck. He gives me a squeeze—perhaps of warning, maybe of reassurance—and says, “Are you sure?”

No. I’m totally not sure.

“Yes,” I whisper. “I’m sure.”

Again, relief morphs into lust as he pulls his hands away from me. “Let’s go to my office. We need to set a few ground rules first.”

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it most definitely wasn’t a talk to discuss rules. I thought perhaps he’d just take me into one of the rooms. But I can’t ponder that because Jerico has my hand in his and is pulling me off the stool to drag me out of The Silo.



I hold her hand tightly, afraid she’ll realize she probably just made a deal with the devil and try to run from me. But it’s too late for that. She said she was sure. Looked right in my eyes and told me she wanted me to show her my world. I can feel her right below my belt as my mind starts to spin with the possibilities of what I will do to her. Have her do to me. Endless pleasure for us both if she’s brave enough to push forward after we have our talk.

It hits me as we walk out of The Silo I’m getting what I wanted first and foremost… to have carnal knowledge of Trista. But I’m also getting more.

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