This is the beginning of my revenge on her brother.

I have a small flicker of conscience that makes me feel like shit for a moment. Will she get hurt in the process?

Not physically by me, of course. In fact, for the next few weeks, I’m going to make damned fucking sure she receives ultimate pleasure by my hands… tongue… dick… whatever.

Whatever happens between us, I have to remember Trista Barnes will not be my problem. How her brother reacts to what I’m going to do to his sister is also not going to be my problem, but rather my pleasure. I’ll just have to reassure myself that Trista has enough backbone to withstand the humiliation she may have when facing her brother. In fact, I know she can handle it. I’ve watched her enough the last three days to know she’s got fucking steel running up her spine.

That makes me feel marginally better about using her for my own vengeful gain, so I’ll keep repeating that to myself.

Once inside my office, I release my hold on her. I shrug out of my suit jacket and throw it on my desk chair before pulling at my tie to loosen it just a bit. “Would you like another drink?”

Trista shakes her head. “I’m good.”

I know virtually nothing about this woman, including whether she has a good tolerance for alcohol, but I’m glad she didn’t accept. I certainly don’t want her coming back to me tomorrow claiming she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. As it stands now, she seems fairly sober and in control of herself, although her eyes are shimmering somewhat. Could be a slight buzz or could be desire, I’m not sure. I only know it makes her eyes practically glow like a bubbling glass of champagne held up to the light.

Trista lets her gaze wander around my office, and I use the opportunity to just look at her. She is truly a stunning woman, and she doesn’t seem to have a clue about it. Maybe that’s exactly what makes her stunning.

When her attention falls to my desk, she leans over and grabs a framed photo. After studying it briefly, she turns it to me and asks, “How long were you in the military?”

My eyes flick to the photo, but they rest there no more than a second as I know it well. It was taken a long time ago when I was deployed to Afghanistan and was nothing more than my unit at the time posing for a group picture. It was given to me shortly after we returned to the States by my men. It doesn’t hold any special significance to me other than the fact I enjoyed my time in the military, and it was an honor for me to serve.

“That was taken about twelve years ago,” I tell her as she sets the photo back down. “I was in the Marine Corps for four years.”

“You mentioned the other day when you introduced me to your friend Kynan that he helps run The Jameson group. What is that?”

I’m not into small chitchat, and I let her know it. “Well, aren’t you full of all kinds of questions? Wasn’t our discussion about anal sex exciting enough for you?”

Trista’s cheeks turn pink even as she glares at me. “Excuse me for trying to get to know you.”

In three long steps, I’m standing in front of her. One hand goes to the back of her head where I easily fist that glorious, thick hair. The other goes to her ass to pull her in close to me.

Trista doesn’t make a sound as her body presses to mine, but that’s rectified when I slide her skirt up and inch my fingers under the thin silk of her panties covering her ass. I spread my fingers and palm her butt cheek before giving it a rough squeeze.

She rewards me with a moan and a fluttering of her eyes before she opens them wide with expectation and a tiny hint of fear.

“This isn’t a date, Trista,” I tell her in a gruff voice. “It’s sex. Hot, no-holds-barred, scream-until-your-throat-is-raw sex. If you’re looking for anything other than that, you need to walk right out of this office and find someone else to scratch that itch.”

Before she can answer me, however, I stack the deck in my favor by pushing my fingers down the crease of her ass until they can skim the back edge of her pussy. As expected, I find it slick. The knowledge she’s wet and I’ve hardly done anything but make dirty promises has my dick turning as hard as stone. With the hand that’s on her ass and teasing between her legs, I pull her into my groin so she can feel I’m as turned on as she is.

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