Trista’s eyes glaze over with lust and her chest is practically heaving, so I think I know the answer to my question. “Are you leaving or are you staying?”

Her answer is immediate if not breathless. “Staying.”

“Good choice,” I praise her before pulling my hand out of her panties.

Trista makes a sound of regret and longing, but I ignore it.

“Ground rules,” I say as I take a step back to break the intimacy because this is business. My dick actually hurts, but rules come first. “We’ve already covered the fact that this is just sex and nothing more.”

Trista nods and murmurs, “Understood.”

“This gets you no special consideration or privileges over the other employees,” I continue.

Heat sparks in her eyes as she snaps at me, “I would never expect that.”

I don’t bother responding to her ire. “And this has absolutely nothing to do with the favor I’m doing for you or your work for me. This is just you and me wanting one another.”

“Agreed,” she says with a smirk I want to kiss off her face. Or fuck her mouth to get rid of it.

I finish by saying, “And there will be no jealousy. This is a sex club. I fuck who I want and when I want.”

Trista studies me for a moment, and I think that may have been a deal breaker. I know women like Trista. She wants to explore her adventurous side but when it boils down to it, most women get proprietary. Unless she fully immerses herself in the swinging lifestyle, she’ll never accept sharing.

“Agreed,” she says firmly. The confidence in her voice says she’s not giving me lip service. She’s really going into this just looking to get her rocks off.

I expect to feel relief over her easy acceptance of my conditions, but something about the fact she doesn’t have any qualms with me fucking other women puts me a bit on edge. It’s just not normal, and I feel jittery about really knowing what her feelings are on the matter. That makes me even more uneasy because I never worry about women’s emotional well-being. I’ll give them unbelievable physical pleasure, but I never waste my time wondering how they feel inside.

And yet, I am now, and fuck… totally freaked about that.

But… the best way to take the edge off anything is to fuck it out of my system.

I grab Trista by the hand and start pulling her toward the office door. She immediately digs in her heels and yanks back against me.

Turning to face her, I impatiently ask, “What’s the problem?”

“Well… I just sort of figured we’d maybe start in here. You know… just having some privacy…”

I laugh at her naïveté as I shake my head at her absurdity. “I’m sure there will come a time when I’ll fuck you in my office more for convenience sake than anything else, but it’s more important that we pop your cherry tonight.”

Trista jerks her hand away from me and takes a wary step back. “You said I wasn’t ready for anal sex.”

Chuckling, I snag her hand back in mine and pull it up for a soft kiss over her knuckles—a move that’s totally out of character for me, but I want to reassure her. “You are utterly fucking adorable. And you’re right… you are not ready for anal sex. I’m talking about popping your exhibitionism cherry.”

Trista’s perfectly arched eyebrows pull inward with confusion. “Excuse me?”

I jerk my head toward my office door. “You’re going to go into one of the rooms, and then we’re going to fuck in front of other people.”

Trista sucks in air through her nose and her eyes swim with turbulence. “I can’t—”

“You can and you will,” I tell her as I start to pull her toward the door. “It’s what you came here for.”

I expect her to argue with me, but she holds her silence. At least in her mind, she seems to admit that truth to herself. Part of the allure of this club is having people watch you, and it’s exactly why she’s following docilely behind me.

“Do you do this with your employees often?” she asks me.

“Not often.” I don’t elaborate further because it’s none of her business.

I lead Trista to The Orgy Room because I know it’s her favorite. My three days of stalking her over the security feeds has given me good information, and besides… it’s the easiest place for her to lose her inhibitions because of all the naked people lying around have sex in every way imaginable.

The room is busy, approximately three quarters full. Most of the people in here are actively engaged in some form of sexual activity, and the sounds of moans and grunts almost drowns out the seductive music playing in the background. My gaze sweeps the room, noting several available pieces of furniture, and I head straight for one that has the most people surrounding it. I want as many eyes on Trista as possible as I know her embarrassment will heighten her pleasure, and just the thought of this being her first time fucking in front of people makes my cock go even harder.

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