I stop beside a chaise lounge that’s wide enough to easily accommodate a couple. It sits low to the ground and has a slanted, rolled back on one end that is good for bending a woman over or to lounge her back against while she rides cock.

I turn on Trista, giving her one last chance to have some control over her immediate fate. “Do you want this?”

She swallows hard and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to bolt out of here like a scared rabbit. Instead, she just nods her head and I’m practically slayed by the look of trust in her eyes.

Some of that trust is deserved. She’s not going to regret what I’m getting ready to do to her. She’s going to feel fucking fantastic when I’m done. But what happens after this is all over will never be in her best interest because she will first and foremost be my pawn to get back at her brother. I want her more than I’ve wanted a woman in a long damned time, but I can’t lose sight of my original intention, which is revenge. My need for that trumps any attack of conscience that makes me question my plans.

“Take off your top,” I murmur.

Her gaze upon me never wavers, her hesitation lasting no longer than a second before she reaches to the hem and pulls the top over her head. She’s not wearing a bra, but I already knew that and my eyes immediately drop to her breasts.

They’re fucking fantastic. Round, plump with light pink nipples that are already contracted tightly. I cannot wait to play with them. My gaze slides back up to find Trista staring at me intently.

I give her a knowing smile. Taking a moment to swivel my head left, then right, I take in our audience. The regulars in here know me, and a lot of people like to watch me fuck. Several pairs of eyes are watching.

I give my attention back to Trista, who is still staring at me almost as if her life depends on it. It’s obvious it’s because she is afraid to look around and acknowledge the fact that she is now a spectacle for other people’s viewing pleasure.

I reach out and take her gently by the jaw, using pressure to turn her face away from me.

“Look around you, love,” I lean into her to whisper. “You have a ton of people who can’t wait to see what I’m going to do to you.”

I almost groan as Trista’s entire body shudders just from the raw promise. I bet if she wasn’t wearing panties, she be dripping right now.

Releasing her jaw, I slowly take my tie off and throw it onto the chaise. My dress shirt and the white t-shirt underneath follow, dropping carelessly to the floor. I finally get a reaction from Trista as her eyes roam over my chest and torso, and I must say, I like her looking at me.

“Take your panties off,” I tell her as I remove my belt. That falls on the chaise as well. I’m not sure if I’ll use it or the tie.

Trista’s hands go to the zipper at the back of her skirt, but I give a hard shake of my head. “Leave the skirt on.”

I pop the button and release the zipper on my pants as Trista reaches under her skirt and shimmies out of her underwear. They land on the floor next to my clothing.

I make no further move to disrobe but instead hold my hand out to Trista. Without hesitation, she places her palm against mine and I wrap my fingers around hers. With a gentle tug, I pull her closer to the chaise lounge and order, “Straddle it.”

She follows my command beautifully, lifting a gorgeous leg over until she’s standing over the furniture with her legs spread. Her eyes are slightly glazed, and she’s fallen into a sexual haze where you let your instincts and needs guide you. She’s pliable right now, and I’m impressed. She seems to have given in completely to the experience.

“Pull your skirt up. Let me see what you have under there.”

Her hands tremble as she does my bidding, baring her pussy to me and that gorgeous ass to the people standing behind the chaise watching.

I raise my head to meet Trista’s eyes again, and I’m surprised to see they are swimming with uncertainty now and I almost feel sorry for her.


I won’t bother to alleviate her fears right now because it’s the discomfort of this situation, she’ll soon found out, that makes this so arousing. I’m going to push her hard because of that.

“Touch yourself,” I tell her with a nod down toward her pelvis.

She lets out a quavering breath, her eyes fluttering closed. But when she opens them, they are filled with determination and that right there turns me on. She’s a trooper. To my complete delight, ramping up my horniness by about a million degrees, she slides her hand over her pubic bone and through the trimmed hairs of her pussy before dipping one finger inside of herself. She drags it out slowly, right over her clit, which causes her to let out a small moan. My cock presses painfully against my zipper, but I ignore it. Instead, I take Trista by the shoulders and push her down to sit on the chaise lounge. This leaves her legs spread wide, which is a good start but I want more.

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