I bring one knee down to the cushion and run my hands along her bare thighs.

“Keep your skirt pulled up so I can see you,” I tell her softly, my eyes pinned to her glistening cunt.

“Jerico,” Trista says in a quavering voice, and my eyes snap up to hers.

Her bottom lip trembles, but no words come out. She’s torn between seeking the ultimate pleasure or giving into her fears.

“You’re beautiful,” I tell her softly. I look up at the couples standing around and watching us before smiling at Trista. “Everyone here thinks you’re beautiful. I need you to let go of your fears and trust in this.”

Trista’s pink tongue slides out. She gives a nervous swipe over that full bottom lip before giving me a hesitant smile. “Okay… let’s do this. I’m good.”

A wave of lust washes through me so forcefully I almost groan out loud. I reach out and caress her face in complete juxtaposition to the way I want to jump on her and fuck her hard. “Good thing… Because I’m not stopping again.”



Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

This is it.

My life is getting ready to change. Not in a catastrophic way, but in a way where I’m going to learn something that will make me look at the world differently from here on out.

I’m ready.

Words can’t even describe the man kneeling between my legs. He’s been seducing me all night with his words, promises, and gruff commands. Hell, even the fact he’s not treating me delicately and is throwing me into the deep end of the pool is a complete turn on because it shows his confidence in me to take what he dishes out.

But damn.

Jerico Jameson, half naked and kneeling between my legs, has got to be without a doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I can’t seem to stop looking at his chest, which is muscled and tanned, and leads down to a rolling six-pack of lickable abs. His chest is lightly sprinkled with hair while his stomach is smooth. There’s a trail as black as midnight just below his navel disappearing down into his pants, and I want to skim my fingers through it. His button has been undone and his zipper pulled halfway down, but all I can see is the black elastic waistband of his underwear and the outline of his erection beneath his dress pants. I want him to remove all his clothes so he will feel as vulnerable as I do, but then I merely laugh to myself because that man would never feel vulnerable in this situation.

Jerico’s hands slide along the tops of my thighs with his thumbs skimming the inside. Well before he gets to the juncture of my legs, he slides them back down and then turns his wrists so he’s gripping the back of my legs.

“Lean back,” he orders and without a thought, I comply. My back comes to rest against the cushion of the chaise lounge.

I cry out in surprise when Jerico pulls me by my legs so I slide down until I’m flat on my back. He gives me a wicked grin, and I’m completely confused when he says, “Can I get a little help here?”

“What do you mean—” I start to say, but then I gasp as two sets of strange hands clasp onto my ankles.

My head frantically turns left, then right, and I see two men standing there holding my legs for Jerico. One of them is older, maybe in his early fifties, but he looks fit and quite handsome. I’m not sure if it relieves me or makes me uncomfortable, but he’s fully dressed. The other man holding my ankle mortifies me. He’s also completely dressed, but I immediately recognize him as Jerico’s friend, Kynan, who he introduced me to the other day.

It hits me all at once that Jerico may intend to share me tonight, and I’m completely horrified with myself that my sex convulses at the thought as a brief image of me sandwiched between Jerico and Kynan flits through my brain.

What in the ever-loving hell?

I’m not that type of girl.

You are.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts, but there’s nothing I can do about the pounding of my heart or the racing of the blood through my veins. I am so primed for something… anything… I can feel my pulse thumping within my clit.

“Spread her wide,” Jerico orders the men, and I groan as my legs are raised and pulled apart further. Jerico stares hungrily at my pussy, but my eyes slide over his shoulder to see a few people have come to stand behind him who are also staring where he is.

I am flooded with shame and mortification. Yet at the same time, my nipples get harder and my clit screams out for some type of relief. A trickle of my own wetness slides down the crack of my ass.

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