“Trista,” Jerico says softly and I focus back on him. “I’m going to feed on you.”

“What?” I practically squeak out, wondering if this is some weird vampire kink or something. Jerico grins at me, bringing his other knee to the chaise before flattening out on his stomach. His face hovers right above my sex, and he reiterates, “I’m going to feast on you. I’m going to eat this pussy. Devour it. Suck it down my throat not until you’re satisfied, but until I’m satisfied.”

“Oh, God,” I mutter as my eyes rise to the ceiling and I hear Jerico softly laughing at me.

I’m oh-so-happy he’s delighted by my ignorance.

But his mouth is on me, and my back arches off the chaise as my elbows dig into the cushion. A harsh pleasured cry tears free from my throat, and I raise my head to look down my body. Jerico’s eyes… those beautiful, green, sinful, greedy eyes… are locked onto mine. His mouth is open wide, and he is indeed feeding on me. Because my legs are being held by others, Jerico uses his hands to pull me apart and expose the most sensitive part of me, but he keeps his focus on me. I feel hypnotized by the beauty of his face, which is awash with pleasure and satisfaction over what he’s doing right now.

My blood quickens and even though his mouth has been pressed between my legs for less than thirty seconds, I can feel an orgasm brewing.

Jerico slips a thumb inside of me and presses downward at the same time his lips curve around my clit where he gently sucks at me.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” I vaguely hear someone say, but I don’t bother trying to look. I totally agree… what he’s doing to me is beyond hot.

It’s magical.

Jerico’s eyes flutter closed briefly, and he groans in appreciation before opening them back up to watch me. I can feel the vibration of it clear down to my toes. His teeth scrape along my flesh briefly before his tongue starts lapping at me. He starts out slowly but then builds momentum. His tongue lashes my clit back and forth before rolling around it in a circle. He repeats this faster and faster, and I realize I’m urging him on by saying, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Jerico latches onto my clit, slides two fingers into me, and sucks hard. In the blink of an eye and with no warning at all, my entire world explodes. A shriek of pleasure bursts from deep within my chest before careening up my throat and tearing out of my mouth. My hips buck so hard the older man loses his grip on my ankle. That’s okay as my leg comes down over Jerico’s shoulder. I curl it around the back of his neck, squeezing his mouth tighter to me as he continues to lick and suck. Another orgasm rolls, punching pleasure so hard through me my hips fly off the chaise again.

Jerico finally lifts his head and although he looks only at me, his words are for Kynan, “You can let her go.”

Kynan doesn’t drop my leg, but gently lowers it until it’s also draped over Jerico’s shoulder.

Jerico bestows a carnal smile at me and then proceeds to crawl his way up my body. With his elbows resting beside my ribs and his face hovering right over my face, he murmurs, “I want you to taste how delicious my meal was.”

I don’t need any further explanation. My hands slip into his hair as I pull his mouth down onto mine, feeling my wetness and then tasting it. Jerico’s tongue mates with mine as he grinds his rock-hard shaft against my pussy.

I give a tug on his hair, and he lifts his head to stare down at me in question.

“I want to do that to you,” I tell him softly and now with no shame I’m publicly displaying myself. “Let me do that to you.”

His eyes bore into mine intently. I can’t tell whether my offer pleases him or not, but he shakes his head and says, “That will be for another time. I’ve got something else planned.”

A violent tremor runs through me at the pure sensuality in his voice, and I think it actually might be another mini-orgasm.

Next thing I know, Jerico is pulling me up and flipping me around on the chaise lounge so I’m on my knees, my hands going to the rolled back of the chaise to steady myself. My gaze goes to the handful of people standing there who had been watching the way Jerico just wrecked me. I quickly lower my face because I have no desire to see what would be reflected at me in their eyes, although I’ll admit… the minute Jerico put his mouth on me, I didn’t think once about the crowd around us.

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