I startle when Jerico takes my wrists and pulls them behind my back, causing my body to straighten as I’m forced to balance on my knees. My pulse goes crazy again when he starts winding his tie around them, finishing off with a secure knot that I test by trying to pull my arms apart. They are stuck tight.

It’s not the first time I’ve been tied up, so I’m not concerned in the slightest. In fact, me being helpless at Jerico’s hands makes me hunger for him more than ever. Wetness slides down the inside of my thighs, which is something that has never happened to me before. Proof perhaps that my body and sexual psyche were built for these types of experiences. I have no clue if it’s because Jerico just gave me the best oral sex of my life or if it’s because I’m doing this in front of other people, but I’ve never been so turned on or had stronger orgasms in my life.

Jerico’s lips are on my shoulder, and he kisses me from behind before murmuring, “Hang tight just a second. Need to get a condom on.”

My body starts to tremble as I know I am very close to having this man fuck my brains out. Closing my eyes, I try to regulate my breathing. I can hear him rustling his pants, the tear of the foil packet, and then a soft groan from Jerico, which I imagine came from the stroke of his own hand as he put the rubber on.

I can feel him shift behind me, and he slides an arm around my stomach to pull me back against his body. His erection presses into my lower back, and I can feel the rhythm of his pulse through it.

“Open your mouth,” Jerico tells me.

I do as he commands and tilt my head to the side, assuming he wants to kiss me again. Instead, I cry out in surprise as Jerico pushes my panties into my mouth. He leans around me and brings his eyes, which are filled with mischief, to mine. I can’t tell you how much I like that look. It makes him seem more human… less like a god.

“I don’t want you to be embarrassed by involuntarily calling out my name over and over again,” he teases.

I roll my eyes at him, but that’s all I can do.

He laughs and presses his lips against my temple. His kiss is soft… gentle. He lets it linger, and that intimate gesture makes me dizzy as it’s so unexpected from a man like him.

And then he’s gone.

Back behind me with his hand to my neck, pushing my torso toward the cushion. When my cheek meets vinyl, he releases his hold on me and uses his hands to spread my legs apart. He adjusts my skirt to push it up my back, and then he’s rubbing the head of his cock against my wet opening.

While I didn’t get a look at him just now, I remember clearly how big he was when I watched that woman sucking his dick. My vaginal muscles contract in fearful anticipation. Jerico must sense it because he whispers, “Easy now. I’ll take it slow.”

I relax immediately, completely surprised I’m able to do so just because he tells me to. I don’t know this man, so I have no clue why I have this innate trust in him right now. But this is the most dangerous, intimate, and crazy thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I can’t imagine doing this with anyone but Jerico. It may have been that soft, gentle kiss, or the mischief in his eyes, but it tells me clearly that he’s a man that wouldn’t ever hurt a woman intentionally. It tells me he cherishes what we are about to do.

As he continues to rub his dick through my wet folds, I start to gyrate my hips, a silent plea—because my mouth is full of silk—to give me more.

I’m pleased to find he’s not a merciless lover who likes to torture by withholding, because he gives a tiny push and slides into me just a fraction. I groan from the pleasure as I expand to accommodate him more. I don’t have much leverage with my hands tied behind my back, but I have just enough to let me push my ass backward a tiny bit.

“Slowly,” Jerico whispers, but I hear the amusement in his voice. He pulls his cock out of me and I cry out in distress, but it makes it no further than the bottom of my throat due to the silk impediment in my mouth. When he puts the head of it back to my opening, he tells me, “Let me do the work for right now.”

I don’t respond because I can’t, but I am patiently waiting for him to give me what I need.

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