Jerico works himself into me with care. I am soaking wet so it’s not a difficult entrance, but he is long and wide, so he’s considerate of me. He takes his time so that my body can form to fit his cock and by the time he is fully planted inside, my entire body is on fire.

“Jesus… you’re fucking tight,” Jerico grits out as he rotates his hips against my ass. “Can’t even imagine what your ass will feel like.”

A shudder runs through me and I know Jerico feels it because he groans in response just before sliding out of me and pushing back in just a little harder.

I grunt. It’s not ladylike, but it’s appropriate. Jerico is the type of man who makes a woman grunt.

And then he fucks me.

He fucks me hard, deep, and fast. It’s the motions of a man who wants to get off quickly. Jerico’s breathing is harsh, his fingertips digging down into my hips so he can hold me in place while he pounds into me.

It feels so freaking good I think I’m going to lose my mind. My entire body feels like a live wire, electrified and ready to explode. I’ve never been able to have an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, but there’s no doubt in my mind my body is going to give me that elusive treasure before too long.

Jerico slams into me a few more times, grunting with pleasure—same as me. Then he pulls back to the tip, holds for a brutally long moment, and then merely slides into me with gentle slowness.

The sound of protest bubbles up against the panties in my mouth as my brewing orgasm starts to fade. Jerico’s hands smooth along my hips in a reassuring manner.

“Don’t worry, Trista. I’m not done with you yet.” I’m mortified Jerico knows he needs to reassure me. I don’t like coming off as needy to anyone, and I sure as hell don’t like depending on anyone for something. But God help my soul I need that orgasm I know he can give me. I’m convinced it’s the type of orgasm I’ve never felt before.

Jerico’s hands come down to the cushion by my head, his lips slide against my ear where he whispers, “Gonna try something a little different. It’s going to be intense. Not sure if you’re going to like it or not, but I really hope you do. It’s not like you can tell me to stop with those panties stuffed in that beautiful mouth of yours.”

He gives me another sweet kiss on my temple again and pulls back. My entire body tightens with fear and excitement. In my heart of hearts, I believe Jerico’s words were meant to scare me… to heighten the pleasure factor. Still, I’m nervous and he knows it. I imagine Jerico is getting off on my uncertainty and fears.

That’s okay, though. I’m getting off on them too.

Jerico pushes up. The next thing I feel is his hand grabbing my hair and wrapping it around his palm. He has a secure hold right at the nape of my neck. I know this because he tugs on my head and lifts me from the position I was in. This isn’t the most comfortable feeling as I’m being pulled up by my hair without adding any strength of my own but he’s holding such a large hank in his hand, it’s not exactly painful either.

Regardless, it turns me on. It’s a total caveman move, and I apparently have something inside of me that likes that.

When my torso is parallel to the chaise lounge and I’m suspended that way only by Jerico’s hold on my hair, he shoves his cock back into me. My back arches downward even though it pulls on my hair more as Jerico holds my head up.

He doesn’t move though. We’re suspended there, connected by his dick lodged deep in my pussy and his hold on my hair. I imagine it looks much like he’s riding a horse with my hair as the reins.

“Fuck me, Trista,” Jerico demands.

For a moment, I have no clue what he means but then my body takes over. I tentatively lean away from him, feeling his dick slide out. Jerico gives me some slack in his hold so I can accomplish this. Before he can fall free from me, I contract the muscles in my thighs to easily push back onto his cock. A thrill of pleasure runs through me when I hear Jerico give a satisfied groan. I realize that even in this precariously held position, I have some power over him.

“Just like that,” he praises me hoarsely.

I do it again. Pull away from him, feel the tension on my hair, then use my legs to pull myself back onto his cock. I do it again and again, each time going slowly so I can enjoy the sensations.

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