Having Kynan point that out to me definitely chafes, but it changes nothing. I fully intend to use Jayce’s sister in every conceivable dirty way… and then I’m going to send him a lovely compilation of video and photographs to show him exactly how I made his sister pay back the money I gave her so his debt to me could be forgiven. I’m banking on this practically killing him, and that gives me enough solace that I can overlook the potential harm I would do to Trista.

“Trista will probably never even know I did this,” I tell Kynan.

I’m banking on the fact that Jayce won’t show this stuff to Trista after he receives it to spare her feelings. Fuck, I know if I had a sister, I would do anything to protect her. In fact, if I had a sister and a man sent pornographic videos of him doing the things to my sister that I intend to do to Trista, I’d kill the motherfucker. That’s actually my hope in all of this. Not only will this strike at Jayce’s heart, but it will enrage him to the point he’ll come after me and I relish that thought. I didn’t beat his ass hard enough the last time because I was pulled off by my men.

“You keep telling yourself she’ll never know,” Kynan says grimly. “But it’s a big risk you’re taking.”

And I’m done with this conversation because it is not the way in which I wish to think about Trista. I don’t want to think about how this constitutes a betrayal of the trust Trista put into me last night. I know how bad betrayal hurts, but it can be overcome. I wasn’t lying when I said I’m past the betrayal of Michelle and Jayce. I’m just not over what they did after.

“Fuck off,” I tell him half-jokingly but halfway seriously. “I’ve got things to do.”

“No doubt you do,” Kynan mutters as he walks out of my office.

I glance at my watch again, eager for the moment when Trista will be knocking on my office door.

A shocking realization came to me last night as I laid in my bed and thought about the amazing sex I had with Trista. It was fucking beyond amazing. I haven’t had anything like that in a long time. I’ve done dirtier things and I’ve done kinkier things, but I sure as shit haven’t orgasmed like that for as long as I can remember.

As I was thinking about that, I got hard and it necessitated me jacking off in my bed. But I realized if I’m going to use Trista to get back at her brother, I’m going to need to have her hooked to me in some way. I had told her very clearly that the ground rules included the realization that this was just sex between us. There is a damn good chance Trista won’t be able to accept that, and I can’t afford to have her cut me off until I’m through with her.

So after I jacked off last night, I sent her a text to appeal to her womanly inner need to be wanted. To believe a woman could be the center of a man’s universe.

You were phenomenal tonight.

Yes, I had ulterior motives in sending that text to Trista, but it’s also the fucking truth. It’s probably why I can’t get her out of my goddamned head.

I didn’t have to wait long for her response. There’s not a word to describe what you were.

Short, witty, and fuck if she didn’t inflate my ego. I texted her back. That wasn’t a one-time only thing.

Her response back was even shorter. Relieved to hear that.

I grinned as I realized Trista was willing to play this game with me. She certainly didn’t know what my end goal was, but she clearly wanted more of what we both experienced. It seems she’s on board with some casual and hopefully kinky sex in the club.

I texted back to her, Be here half an hour before your shift starts. Meet me in my office. I’m ready for you to return the favor.

I’ve been thinking about her sucking my dick pretty much from the moment I pulled out of her. Her offer to give that to me after I made her come with my mouth was beyond endearing. Most women just want cock between their legs, but Trista felt that what I gave her was a gift, and she wanted to give one back.

It was refreshing.

Trista’s response was quick and short. Okay.

I look over at the camera Kynan just mounted and have a moment of hesitation. There is absolutely no doubt it’s wrong and immoral to record Trista and me together without her permission. The fact I don’t intend to use it for profit or gain really doesn’t matter. That she may never know I did this, especially if her brother keeps quiet about it, really doesn’t matter either. What I’m doing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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