But then all thoughts of her past are obliterated when she leans over me and takes me in deep. The woman has no gag reflex and when she pulls off, I thrust immediately back into her mouth so I can feel that again. Even though her mouth is stuffed full of my dick, I can feel her laugh at my eagerness. She gives me one long hard suck and pulls free.

With her hand back around my shaft, she looks up at me and asks, “What do you want? You tell me what to do, and I’ll give it to you. Do you want me to get you off slowly with licks, nibbles, and gentle sucking, or do you want to fuck my mouth while I roll your balls in my hand?”

With every word that comes out of her mouth, my cock keeps getting impossibly harder until it’s painful. I stare at her blankly for a moment, surprised she had those dirty words inside of her. Where in the fuck did she learn to talk like that?

She knows I’m surprised and grins at me as she shrugs. “I learned a few things since working here. Dirty talk is one.”

I push up out of my chair, causing Trista to sit back on her calves for a moment. My dick hovers just above her as we stare each other.

I bring a hand to cup her cheek, rubbing my thumb just over the bone, and tell her, “I want to fuck your mouth. And I want to do it deep.”

Trista raises up on her knees and takes me in her hand, but before she opens her mouth to give me entry, she winks at me and says, “Just the way I like it.”

Trista is not a liar.

Certainly not when it comes to her bragging about her oral skills. She takes everything I give her and I swear when her eyes look up at me, she begs me for more. But I have her head held tight in my hands and my hips are practically jack-hammering against her face. I can feel the slight roughness of her tongue on the underside of my cock and the tightness of her throat as the head breaches her. She doesn’t gag once, although I know it isn’t easy for her.

It isn’t easy for her. Involuntary tears start leaking from the corners of her eyes. My thumbs reach out to swipe at them, and I slow my movements within her mouth. She frantically shakes her head and within her golden-brown eyes, I see her telling me that she can take it.

In that moment, I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on in my life. Yet what I would really love to do is pull out of her mouth, drag her to the floor, and eat her pussy until she screams.

But then her hand is on my balls and she is indeed rolling them. Tugging them. Lightly pinching them.

I slam back into her mouth as she tortures my nut sack, and she purrs with appreciation that I’m giving her all I got.

My balls draw tight, and I never even have to wonder if she wants me to pull off. Anyone this good at oral wants to swallow.

It’s when she lightly skims a finger behind my balls, headed straight across my taint, that I give a bark of surprised pleasure as I explode so quickly that my knees almost buckle.

I look down at Trista in utter amazement as she swallows and then swallows some more. She licks and cleans me off, all the while her fingertips gently stroke my spent balls. With one final lick to the tip of my softening dick, she looks up and says, “Told you I was good.”

I grin down at her. “I’ll never doubt you again.”

Trista stands from the floor as I pull up my pants. She turns from me as she says, “I better get to work.”

My hand shoots out and grabs her wrist. When she turns back to me, I tell her “After work… I want you again.”

Her eyebrows furrow in confusion. “You mean… out there? In one of the rooms? But we’ll be closed up.”

I shake my head. “Just come back here in my office when you get off.”

She stares at me a moment in contemplation and I can tell she’s considering telling me “no”. I brace for it, prepared to argue with her and perhaps even hold her job over her head, but then she smiles at me and nods her head.

“Okay,” she says casually. “I’ll see you back here.”

It’s not until Trista is gone from my office that I let out a huge breath of relief that I’m going to see her again tonight.

This relief concerns me.




I stand outside of Jerico’s office and nervously wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans. Glancing at the locker room door, I pray none of my coworkers come out to see me standing here. While I found out tonight that every single one of them had heard about Jerico fucking me in The Orgy Room, I’d also been assured by more than one female coworker that he doesn’t do repeats, so the encounter was easily dismissed by most.

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